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Ethan's 4th Grade Year {2012-2013}

Ethan 4th Grade

I'm so excited to teach Ethan's 4th Grade year with a Christ-Centered program. Heart of Dakota~Bigger Hearts for His Glory along with Drawn into the Heart of Reading, Both authored by Carrie Austin.
With using Drawn into the Heart of Reading also known as DITHOR, I hope to at least use this reading program 3 times a week. If we could get through 75% of the books below that would be great!
Ethan probably should start with the Emerging Readers because he still is learning but I want to see how it goes with level 2/3 first.

Story Time books are books I read to him, they are usually called 'read aloud' books.
There are a few more titles that I hope to read as well and I'll add them in if we get to them.

Our History books.

Bible and Music. I don't have a picture of it yet but Ethan will receive a brand new Bible (Deep Blue Kids Bible) this year via the Schoolhouse Review Crew (thank you and thank you Jesus). I can't wait to give it to him.
 These I found at the HOD Yahoo Group. I printed them and pasted them to Manilla Folders.

For Grammar Ethan will use Standard Based Grammar 3rd Grade. I purchased the download, had it printed at FedEx Office and spiral bound as well. I chose this grammar program over Rod & Staff because it's a workbook format and just looks more doable for me. I want to use something that will get done. Hopefully next year we will use R&S 4.
For math I'm not sure what Ethan will use. I have The Complete Book of Math and Mathematical Reasoning (from the Critical Thinking Co.) but I may go with Teaching Textbook 4. I do think the two math books I have will be enough but I'm not sure it will get done daily because of the three other HOD Guides I'll be using as well as helping Josh with High School. With TT4 he can hop onto the computer and get math done!
We also have a Premium Subscription to ZooWhiz (a review item) and I would like for him to use that 3 times a week during the school year.

For spelling; mid year change. To keep it simple he will use Spelling Power along with Joshua.

Almost all his school books fit in a basket. Neat and tidy.
If things are added or deleted I'll make changes to this page. I hope to add some Bigger Week-in-Review links here and anything else that may be useful for me. I like to have everything in one place.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! Book pictures are my eye candy - thanks for those :)

  2. I love this pic of him, he's such a cutie!

    Looks like he's going to have an awesome fourth grade year. :)


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