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Happy 13th Birthday Annette

My only daughter turned 13 years old today. What a blessing she has been. I love her more than words can ever express. Today I took her out to dinner. I had planned to take her to Taste of Home but it was closed. We then tried our favorite sandwich shop but it too was closed, so we ended up at Mr. Jim's Pizza.

While waiting for our pizza we had our girl's bible study time using Heroines of the Past Bible Study. Annette has really enjoyed this Bible study and I can tell she is disappointed that we have taken three weeks off. Guess we'll get started again, at least until her HOD school is ready. That one includes a Bible study that we are suppose to do together as well. Once we start HOD I don't think I'll be able to keep up with two different studies.

Once we finished our pizza we walked to the coffee shop. I enjoyed a peppermint and chocolate Mocha with a biscotti and she had a cinnamon roll. We played a game and bought Lupe some gifts. His birthday is this week.

By the time we started walking home it was past 8:00 p.m. and dark. Little lizards and crickets where out. Pretty yucky, thankfully we didn't step on any.

Next weekend we will celebrate her birthday. This week in our immediate family we have three birthdays. Annette, Caleb, and Lupe's. This month is full of birthdays if you add in my parents and extended family.


  1. Happy Birthday Annette!

    Sounds like a great mom and daughter time. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Annette! What a beautiful time between mom and daughter...:)

  3. Happy Birthday Annette! So glad to hear you had a fun time with your Mom. Hope you have a fantastic birthday celebration to come! Love you lots - Auntie Reff


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