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Hobby Lobby

My MIL, Caleb, Brent, Lance, and I went to Hobby Lobby today!!! I'm so excited I bought our art supplies for Caleb and Bret. They will use HOD Creation to Christ. I purchased a set of 24 watercolor paints for 14.99, minus 40% off. I paid about $8.19. That's about $3.00 more than the smaller set that I bought at Target during their Back-to-School sale.
I also purchased the two round and two flat watercolor brushes x 3. One set for Caleb, Brent, and myself. The brushes I purchased in packs because it came out cheaper than buying them individually. Plus the packs were 30% off!!! I was super happy when I found the watercolor 140lb paper for $8.99 and that was for 30 sheets and we used a 40% off coupon with that. I think my total for everything was around $26.00. I was praising Jesus for such saving. Without the two 40% off coupons and if the paintbrushes were not on sale, I would have spent $45.95.

I know my paintbrushes are probably not the highest quality but it works for me. At first I was going to pay $7.99 for each brush, that alone would have been over $30.00, but thankfully I found the packs which had various sizes.

I'm so doing the happy dance right now =)


  1. We are doing HOD Creation to Christ too. Last week we did our art shopping. Lets just say I wish I paid what you did for supplies :) You did super with your coupons! We start week 2 this week, and we are loving it!

  2. ooooh, these looks so cool, and you did awesome with that money saving! Don't you just love those coupons! I know I do! Here Joanne's throws really good sales as well. :)

  3. Yay for sale prices! I am looking forward to seeing you put them into action.

  4. What a great deal :) The watercolors and paper we have were purchased at Hobby Lobby as well with a coupon. You gotta love that!


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