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It's Going to Come Today!!!

I know, pretty sad to get so excited about a box of books coming but it just is!!! My Heart of Dakota and My Father's World packages will be here today on the 26th of September =)

My son Brent is just soooo cute!!! He's cleaning the living room so when the awaited boxes arrive it will be all tidy and I can have a place to sit, look, sniff, and organize everything. I thought that was real sweet of him.

The HOD package is 45lbs!!! MFW is 4.5lbs. You never know, I just might want to know the weights when I look back and read this post 10 yrs. from now ;)

Tomorrow the 27th my Sonlight items will arrive and Saturday my Amazon straggler books will be here. That is pretty much everything for this school year. Oh wait, I ordered the Big Fat LATIN Special from Schola Publications. I haven't received a shipping notice from Schola so not sure when that one will be delivered.

Okay, that is all for now, I'm sure it was all so very excited to read about when my school stuff will reach its destination :D I will share some pictures tomorrow and have a Week in Review up on Friday as well as a Schoolhouse Review.

Have a good day =o)


  1. It is exciting! Only a homeschooling mom would understand. ;) Can't wait to see all the cool books!



  2. Oh, so excited for you! Please consider a post with lots of pics of your pretty new books! Hope you like all the choices and enjoy more of HOD!



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