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Lance Turns 8

Lance has been so patient with waiting for his birthday celebration. Almost 30 days!!! We wanted to wait for Grandma, so she could celebrate with us.

Monday we finally had his little party. I baked a chocolate cake with a football theme, per Lance's request.
 He had a hard time blowing out his candles which made him laugh a lot. I love capturing my children laughing so hard on film.

Almost all his gift were Legos. He received Star Wars, Ninja, and Batman Legos.
 Grandma got him a Clone Wars shirt. He slept in it and is still wearing it!
Happy Birthday Lance!!!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANCE!! Looks like you had an awesome party...although I was very excited to hear you requested a football cake, I was hoping to see Lions on it, but I understand why (because I'm a nice Auntie). :D

    ...now what am I going to do with this Lion blanket...

  2. Happy 8th Birthday Lance! Looks like a great fun party and extra wishes for waiting almost 30 days to celebrate :)


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