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Later Than Most

A little later than most but I finally ordered my curricula for this year. I'm so excited. I ordered everything I'll need from Heart of Dakota, Christian Books, and The Latin Road. The only purchase I'm a bit concerned about is The Latin Road to English Grammar. What if we don't use it. It was very expensive and the resale value is not that great.

I'm still deciding if I should order Teaching Textbook 4 for Ethan or use what we have. Financially using what we have is probably the best thing but I know how busy I'm going to be, so TT4 sounds more doable.

The 26th will be an exciting day for me us. I received an email from HOD with a tracking number. Talk about fast. I ordered this morning and before quiet time they are ready to ship it. They are some busy bees.

I may not be blogging every, single, day =) I have a lot of catching up to do. My oral surgery is about 20 days a way. I have school to get in order, some reviews that need to be written, and the house could use a deep cleaning for the time that I'll be out of commission.

I'm so glad my husband will take at least 10 days off. The children are pretty good about fending for themselves. I won't be able to do a whole lot of schooling. My four younger ones need me for 75% of their schooling. Just looking at my calendar overwhelms me right now.

With the kids I started school late and now that I'm getting all our books we'll probably be going half pace.

Oh well, such is life. I can't do anything about it. Please pray for me if you feel the leading too. I'd very much appreciate it.

I haven't had time to blog about Annette and Ethan's homecoming.
 Or how we went to The  Lego Discover Center the next day.

 And the aquarium.
 Oh, and can't forget about this little guy. Poor lizard ended up being washed and dried and on my bed!!! I almost picked it up thinking it was a piece of dried food that was washed with the cloth napkins. Gross.
And there are still more memories but I have to go. I'm so tirrrrrrrred.


  1. Oh Linda, your baby girl is growing up...she's so beautiful.

    Linda, I will be lifting you up and praying for your quick recovery. Remember to just rest up lots. School will be there when you get back. You are so blessed to have your hubby there to care for you...


  2. Hi Linda,
    I will be praying for your upcoming surgery.

    How fun to finish ordering all your books :) I'm sure that you will be an inspiring teacher (as always) and bless your beautiful children!

    Sounds like a lot of exciting field trips, too!

    Enjoy your laptop!

  3. sadly I have found dried lizards on my bed too I blame it on the boys! We love anything lego here we went to lego land last year and my kids adored it! You may wanna check out the free lego classes they do at currclick my son did his first last week and had alot of fun


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