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Little Hearts Week-in-Review Review

Lance completed week 18 and started Unit 18!!! I'll admit we didn't do every, single, box/subject, but we did enough to call it a week.

This week focused on Jesus' Last Days on Earth. I read from 101 Favorite Stories and our own Bible. I like that Little Hearts gives the Bible reference as well because when I have time I like to read from the Bible Reader for the beautiful pictures and I like to read from the actual Bible too.
We continued to read The Adventures of Grandfather Frog. Lance is doing so well with comprehending what I read. He will ask deep questions and he compares people to the characters. This week a neighborhood kid was being rude to Lance. It took a lot of will~power for him not to slug the child. He came in and told me that when kids tease him or hit him he holds back but when he really gets frustrated he wants to fight them. He has been doing so well.

With this particular child, Lance started talking about being a Christian to this little boy. His sister said her brother is kind and is a Christian. Lance told them that just being kind doesn't make you a Christian, you have to believe the Bible and that Jesus is God's son and died on the cross (not his exact words). The little boy said, who cares? and his sister said, nobody cares. Lance responded with, a lot of people care.
All that to say that Lance said the little boy was acting like Grandfather Frog because he (the boy) wants to do whatever he wants on not what God wants.

To keep with the theme of Jesus rising to heaven our science experiment was how vinegar and baking powder fizz made raisins rise to the top.
Lance also made from construction paper flames which represented the Holy Spirit. The Key Idea was God gave us an eternal spirit, so we could come to know God. Also in the Bible story for that day the disciples preached through the power of the Holy Spirit.
 Being a boy and all he made a little guy in there. He said the little guy is not going to be burned in the fire. That was taken from another Bible story but that story had three men thrown into a very hot furnace ;)

Lance also completed some phonic lessons from Horizons Phonics and ZooWhiz.

That was our week using Little Hearts for His Glory, along with Horizons Phonics and ZooWhiz. Hopefully next week we'll add some math. We did do a little bit of Professor B Math, reviewing 10-2=8, 8-2=6 and so forth. He kind of forgot some of it during the summer.


  1. (((Hugs))) to Lance on his neighborhood friend. It's so sweet that he related the book to his situation.

    Great science experiment, too! A cute art project with the fire burning.

    RTYC - I have no idea why you can't comment on certain blogs?? What browser are you using? I recently had to go with chrome because firefox kept crashing. I was able to visit and leave comments on all the blogs, so I'm not able to re-create the situation. ...maybe check Blogger's help area???

  2. We're early on in Little Hearts for His Glory. I can't wait to get to that part with the raisins! This is my second time through, but I forget about some of the fun stuff late on in the guide!

  3. We loved Little Hearts! I could not get our raisins to float when we did it last year, glad yours worked out :)


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