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More Today

Ethan's Teaching Textbooks with MathTacular 3 came today from Sonlight. I also purchased MathTacular 4 for Brent to go along with his Math Essentials. Annette's Latin program arrived as well. It looks pretty intense.

A review item came today too! It's Ethan's new Bible.

I've been waiting forever for all our school stuff to arrive and now I feel a little overwhelmed. I guess because normally I have all summer to put it together. I would like to start Monday but we'll see.

I had hoped to have my 'box day' pictures sized and cropped by now but it will have to wait. Plus the living room is a HUGE mess with Legos, army men, Lincoln Logs and boxes, so I need to have the kids clean it before I can do a photo shoots.

Today I had an appointment to get the ball rolling for my oral surgery. I don't do good when my normal days are interrupted. It throws me out of whack so to speak. Unfortunately not much got done today. I came home tired and with a headache. So I'm actually going to rest right now. I think I'm stressing out with school, surgery, house cleaning, starting school and such. I have so much on my plate right now that I keep trying to do a little of this and that and in the end nothing is really accomplished. But it's good. I know it will all work out. I just need a good nights rest and know that God is in control.

I don't plan to do any school with the younger ones tomorrow (although I should). I think I am going to concentrate on getting the books that just came out of the boxes and on to the shelves. Work on some schedules and hopefully Monday things will sort of be in order. I find that Ethan, likes to know what he has to do so he can get started. I think it's great, so I'm going to work on that. If I can have his spelling words ready for him to practice, his poem to copy, his phonics pages to do and math pages, he can do all that on his own. Oh my boy is growing up.

Hope I don't sound like a complainer but not all days are full of energy and excitement =)


  1. Linda, I am praying for your surgery to go smoothly!

  2. It's okay, Linda. Everything is a season. You are just in a different season right now. Take your time easing into your schedule. You have a lot coming up soon. I'm praying for your surgery and your healing time already. Much love and ((((((Linda))))))


    ps I wish we lived closer and I could come over to help out.

    Lamentations 3:22
    It is of the LORD'S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not

  3. Thank you Mary. I really appreciate your prayers. My mouth will be bound shut for almost three weeks, yikes!

  4. Dee, thank you, it just feels so weird to not really get started until after October. Then Nov. the holidays, so will we start full swing in Jan. aaack! But like you said there is a season for everything and I just need to go with the flow, and trust in the Lord.


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