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Our First Day {2012-2013}

Today we officially started our new homeschool year for 2012~2013. I'm short two students but they will start next week.

I started off with Lance because I know he can get lost in the shuffle. I wanted to start with Horizons Phonics. I decided to go with the K level because it does introduce the long vowels as well as consonant and vowel pairs. In first grade Lance dealed mainly with short vowels and some consonant pairs such as /ch/, /sh/, and /th/. He hasn't delved into the long vowels and such as I mentioned.

He completed a few workbook pages and read a one page story from the reader that accompanies the program. I then took him to the living room for some cuddle time with Bible learning and Storytime with Grandfather Frog.
Grandfather Frog was being greedy in this story and for Bible we read about Jesus and how he rose from the dead.

At 8:48 I went over Joshua's schedule with him. How many times a week each subject should be done and so forth.

9:00 I gathered Caleb and Brent for our Pearl Harbor studies. Today we played a game and they both loved it. Josh, seeing how much fun we were having wanted to join in.
 The name of the game is Power in the Pacific and the object of the game is to make combinations of cards with the five allotted to each player. Three of a kind=9 points, Full House=25 points etc.

We also learned a few military acronyms. First I let the children try to guess then I googled them to find what they really meant. They all had numerous meaning so we picked one for each acronym and wrote it on the board.
Because we played the game over and over and over again, it took two hours to 'teach' the boys. We were done by 11:00. During that time we completed our science as well.

We took a 15 minute break then I read about trees using our Once a Week Unit Studies~Forest for the Trees. We finished week 2 and will start week 3 tomorrow.

By the time we finished with our tree unit study it was lunch time. I had a Marie Calendars Pot Pie and made some smoothies.
The smoothies are green but very yummy! I start by filling our high-powered, Ninja blender with ice, added the green juice and some Coffee Bean Vanilla Powder and blended it.
I love the Vanilla Powder. We don't have a Coffee Bean near us so I order in bulk online.
As we ate lunch we listened to Adventures in Odyssey. Today's show was part 1 of 3. I was going to go to my room and read a book about Laura Wilder but as I  was preparing some instant Oatmeal for Lance, I became hooked.
What the children had for lunch:
Joshua~bagel with Cream Cheese, Blueberry Yogurt and a piece of leftover chicken from Babes Chicken.
Caleb~BIG bowl of yogurt.
Brent~two packets of Cinnamon Roll flavored Oatmeal.
Lance~same as Brent.

After lunch Caleb and Brent finished school. They had to complete a page from Drawn into the Heart of Reading and label a cell.

I decided that since I  had time I would read Joshua's science pages to him. I really enjoyed this.
 I read from The Human Body Book, Body By Design, and Gray's Anatomy Coloring Book. All very interesting and it was fun discussing how awesome our Heavenly Father made us. I think we are going to like WinterPromise~Human Body and Forensic.

Josh continues to use Time4Writing. They added a new feature! Audio, now not only can Josh read his assignment but listen to it as well. He just clicks on the little icon below to hear it.
I have him read and listen because I believe there are benefits with hearing and reading.

That was our first day!

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  1. Happy 1st Day of school!!!

    Many blessings on your year ahead :)


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