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Pre~School Day (not pre-school)

We haven't started school yet but I thought I'd get my feet wet and do a few subjects. I wanted to start science with Caleb and Brent. I had put all our WinterPromise science books in a container and I plan to keep them there so I won't lose any of them. I waste so much time when I misplace a book.

My first day of reading was a lot. It could have been easily stretched out over two days. Thankfully we are not in full swing so I was able to read it all. Our first lesson was on the cell. The photo below is from The Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body. This I'm adding to our study for visual purposes. I had actually read from How We Work but it was too much and I was losing my students and myself. Thankfully I snatched these from storage on our last visit.
We are working on our science experiment too, making a cell. I know many of you have made this one using jello, it's in the fridge right now. I'll have pictures tomorrow or later today. This one is pretty basic with only the Nucleus and Cytoplasm.

I also read our read aloud, A Cry from Egypt. This book is so good the children would like if I'd read it all in one sitting.
With using Drawn into the Heart of Reading, our character trait is responsability. One of the lovely ladies from the HOD Yahoo Group made some posters, saving many mamas time.
Though we didn't actually get to our DITHOR work today, I did go over the character trait and hopefully later today we will complete a lesson.

I plan to print these all on cardstock and hang them up where we can all see it as we go through each character trait. I have to take them to FedEx Office though because my laser printer is not printing evenly at the moment. Still so many things to do with getting ready for school but I am not able to do it because either I don't have our books or my printer is not working correctly so I can't print anything, so frustrating but it could be worse.

I also did a lesson of Horizon Phonics with Lance. He practiced writing the letter 'B b' and read a short story. We went over words that had the /b/ sound at the beginning and the end of words.

Joshua will complete a Time4Writing lesson and that's about it. He discovered the Left Behind Series that my MIL brought from California. He has read the 2nd, 3rd, and now is half way through the 4th book. My MIL didn't have the first book.

Later today I'll read from our Forest for the Trees unit study. We are half way done with this and I hope to wrap it up in a few weeks. By then our Heart of Dakota books should be here (praying they will).

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