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Sickness has been going around our family, slowly taking us down one-by-one. First it was Lance with a low fever and headache. Then Brent with a low fever and headache. He still is not all better. In fact his legs hurt too. This morning I felt my throat hurting a bit when I swallow.

This morning I had to pick some books up at Walmart that I ordered a little over a week ago. My dad took us, he had to buy a pan. I went to the back where you pick up orders that were placed on line and a Wal-mart lady came out and said, "What do want?", so I let her know I needed to pick-up some books. She called for another worker.

When the lady came to help me I was shocked at her unprofessional dress. She had a shirt that was so low and tight, everything was falling out, I could see the color of her brassiere. Her arms, neck, and chest were tattooed and she had a nose ring. The nose ring I could handle but the dress code can sure go up a notch. I thanked her and walked away not sure if I'll be ordering from them again.

Joshua picked-up some paintball pelts. He was excited to finally shoot his paintball gun. He gave his Grandma some pointers.
She shot two at the fence and one over. She missed the target but I'm sure with a little more practice she will be a pro. I hit a bullseye but it did take five shots. My first one was a bit high.

Later Joshua's Bob Jones Dvds arrived as well as the Teacher Material. This year I was happy that Bob Jones offers the print material for a fee of course but it saves me from printing it all. Last year it took a while for me to print it all up and my scatter-brain kept mixing things up.
I'm going to take them to FedEx Office and have them spiral bound. This way no paper can get lost. I'm not a big fan of binders anymore.

Next week I plan to start school with Lance. I can't believe we haven't started yet. It feels so weird. I've been a bit lazy too. I need to get to bed earlier and wake up earlier as well.

I did start Drawn into the Heart of Reading with Caleb and Brent. Today they read about a page and a half to me and tomorrow we'll work on a workbook page. I'll share more later.

Joshua, will start next week too. He will finish his Time4Writing course and I might sign him up for the same one again. He doing okay but he said himself that he still needs more practice. Grammar is included with his Bob Jones too but it's pretty rigorous and I think he needs a bit more practice before starting it. I may pull down last years grammar book and take a look.

Annette and Ethan will be home next Thursday. I'm so excited. I miss them both so much. I still need to share some of the pictures that my SIL took of them. Maybe I'll work on that tonight (another late night).

Next Friday Lupe and I are taking the children to Legoland. They are having a Homeschool Week and the tickets are $7.00 per child and $10.00 for an adult. For every five children we get one adult for free. It's been a long time since we've taken the children anywhere special like that and with the prices so low, we just couldn't pass it up.

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