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Schoolhouse Review: Family Time Fitness

My children are very active. They run, jump, climb trees and ropes, they play tag and have air~soft gun wars. I always considered this their P.E. time, little did I know that there were many muscles my children were not using.

I on the other hand am not active at all. I play the Wii Fit at times but that was as physical I got with my fitness routine before I started Family Time Fitness.

When Family Time Fitness came up for review I will admit that at first I wasn't interested but the more I visited the Family Time Fitness website the more I wanted to review this program. Not only for my children but for me as well.

One of the reality shows that we watch is Gold Rush. I am so amazed with the father, Jack Hoffman. He's out mining gold in Alaska and has recently been to the jungles of South America. I don't see him huffing and puffing like this 41 year old mama would be. I'm out of shape. I know I need Family Time Fitness to get me started with becoming a more physically active and fit mom. I also believe as a Christian that I belong to God and it's my responsibility to take care of my body and although I've been improving our eating habits in the past 5 or so years, I have neglected the physical fitness aspect.

I was very blessed to review Family Time Fitness~Fitness4Homeschool. The cost for this wonderful program is $57.00. This is for grades k-8/ages 5-13. I used this with my children, ages 8-14 years old. A High School Fitness Program is also available. You can find Family Time Fitness on Facebook and Twitter.

When you visit the Family Time Fitness website the first thing you'll is a picture of brain activity after only 20 minutes of walking. When I saw that I thought, wow! It's simply amazing to me, just 20 minutes.
With Family Time Fitness you get 13 downloadable modules. This is 260 fitness lessons. You all know how much I heart detailed instructions, organized lesson plans, and visual demonstrations. The more details, organized, and visuals the better. I'm so grateful that Family Time Fitness provides all that. As you can see from the screen shot below, each lesson lets you know what skills are taught, equipment needed, each exercise gives you detailed instructions and for all you visual mamas (or papas) out there, Family Time Fitness has a demonstration video.
You will also receive a download for a Daily Food Log, Grocery Log, Nutrition Log and a Meal Planner.

You don't have to go buy a lot of equipment to get started because many of the items can be substituted. The only item that most of us on the Schoolhouse Review Crew had to get was a hula-hoop. Here is a list of what you will need (I have 6 Children):
*Hula-hoop ( I have 4)
*Playground balls (I have 4)
*Bean Bags (can use socks rolled into a ball)
*Jump Rope (I have one for each child)
*Cones (one may use rocks, toys, or anything to mark a 'start' to 'finish' boundary)
*Fitness Mat~optional (I never did get around to buying one)

With each lesson you will do Warm-ups, these are a bit more active then just stretching.Your warming up your body getting it ready for the Active/Game Play. So once your warmed up you are ready for some jumping, hopping, shuffling, skipping, and even crab walking!

When I looked over the agenda for the day I thought, piece of cake, I can handle this. Boy was I wrong, after doing a set of Frog Squats I was sore for 7 days. If you think jumping over a rope 20 times doing 3 sets, think again. This mama was sweaty and tuckered. Even my very active children admitted that they were tired at the end of our fitness time.

I looked forward to our Cool-down exercises. I was happy to be flat on my back and stretching. There is also an Outdoor Activity, usually this consisted of playing different forms of tag, jump roping, and agility courses. Only one is scheduled per lesson, so one day you will play Freeze Tag and another day it would be the agility course and so forth. The agility courses were our favorite. I also liked the jump roping.
How did we use Family Time Fitness? We did this in the morning. The night before I watched the demonstration videos. Because of the heat we did most of the exercises in our small living room. We would start with the Warm-ups, do the Activity/Game Play, then proceed to the Cool Down exercises. The Outdoor Activity we did them when the weather permitted which wasn't very often. In the fall when it's cooler outside I'm sure we'll do more of the Outdoor Activities.

We used this during our 'summer' vacation 4 times a week. I think once we start school we may use it 3 times a week. My only complaint with this program (and it's really not a complaint) is I'm sweaty and breathing hard by the time I'm done with the lesson. My heart on the other hand is much happier these days.

If you are interested in reading more about how we used Family Time Fitness, you can click on the links for Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3Lesson 4 and more! We are having so much fun with this program.

To read more reviews, please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew website.
**Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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  1. Stopping by from the Crew...
    I loved reading the linked posts about how you used the lessons! We had such fun with this one even though it was a lot of work!


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