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Schoolhouse Review: Homeschool Legacy~Forest for the Trees

Homeschool Legacy provides Once-a-Week Unit Studies. The author of these unit studies has been homeschooling her own children for 16 years. Her passion is to help families build a strong, Godly, family legacy.

Homeschool Legacy provided the Schoolhouse Review Crew ten unit studies to choose from. I chose Forest for the Trees. The cost for this 4 week study is $15.95. Forest for the Trees is recommended for grades 2-12.
I chose Forest for the Trees because for years now I've been wanting the children and I to learn more about trees. And unless it's all scheduled and written out for me it most likely won't get done. I'm the type of homeschooling mom that needs to follow plans.

Once a Week Unit Studies lets you take a break from your regularly scheduled school subjects. There are many subjects to choose from. A suggested schedule is provided as well. If you have a son in Boy Scouts he can earn merit badges too as many of the Once-a-Week Unit Studies fulfill the requirements. Homeschool Legacy had been revising some of their Once-a-Week Unit Studies to accommodate the American Heritage Girls badge requirements.

What exactly is Once-a-Week Unit Studies? It's a cross-curricular study that incorporates many subjects like Bible, literature, history, science, geography, research, art, life skills, field trip suggestions, family game/movie night, and stump your dad trivia.

*Week 1~Tree Identification
*Week 2~Tree Antatomy
*Week 3~What Trees Give Us
*Week 4~Forest and Forestry

Each Week has Daily Activities scheduled. This consist of a Family Read Aloud and Independent Reading. Also scheduled are Once-a-Week Activities: Family Devotional, Research Science, Art, Life Skills, Research Language, Field Trip, and History.
Not all the Once-a-Week Activities are schedules every week. For instance, Week 1 of Forest for the Trees looks something like this.

Read Aloud: My Side of the Mountain to be read daily. Monday-Friday.
Independent Reading: Week 1 Library Choices and Tree Eyewitness Book to be read daily.

Once-a-Week Activities (suggested to do on Wednesday but you can choose what day works best):
Family Devotions: Read suggested verses.
Research/Science: The children were to look up a word in an encyclopedia and research how a forest develops.
Language Oral: The children had to memorize and recite a poem.
Art: We had to spend a week photographing trees.
Field Trip/Math: This is suggested to do on Friday. For week 1 we measured trees. For a field trip it's suggested to visit an old growth forest.
Continue to read your Independent Reading and Read Aloud.

The above is explained in more detail as you can see in the sample screen~shot below.
With Once-a-Week Unit Studies, you can use it as is or flesh it out, go on some rabbit trails or add your own ideas (lapbooking, Netflix, copywork, narrations, write a summary, etc.).

Once-a-Week Unit Studies makes it super easy to locate the books at your local library by including the call numbers next to each book title.
Unfortunately my library may be large in size but not in quantity of books (there were only 15 books on trees, ack!) because of this I usually try to purchase my books. I thought I'd hunt some of the books down online. I wasn't able to locate several of the them but thankfully there are many books on trees, leaves, and the forest that one can easily find a substitute. The author created Once-a-Week Unit Studies to be flexible in this manner, knowing not all libraries will have all titles. It's suggested to use books for that weeks focus. For instance with Week 3 the focus was, What Trees Provide. This made it easy for me to find the books I needed.

How did we use Forest for the Trees? We used it a little differently then what was suggested. At the time of this review we hadn't started school yet, so we were able to divide up the Once-a-Week Activities throughout the week. We were able to do more of the activities because we were on summer break.

I would read both the independent reading and read aloud. I would sit on the floor while reading the books so all the children could see the pictures as I read. Because we weren't doing our regular school subjects I was able to read more books which is always a good thing.

If I were to use this during the school year then I would pick and choose the Once-a-Week Activities. Highlight what you want to accomplish and leave the rest. The author recommends choosing four activities, continue with the daily reading and do the devotional.

The children and I enjoyed using Forest for the Trees. We found that our state tree is a Pecan and I think I finally identified the tree in our backyard. If I identified it correctly it's an Elm but I haven't figured out what kind of Elm Tree. Guess I  need to get studying some more.

We especially liked Week 4 with learning about logging. We modern day people forget how much more time-consuming and difficult it was without electric chainsaws, bulldozers and trucks. Back then it was all done with hand saws, shovels, mules, oxen, or horses. Loggers spent time away from their families often risking their lives getting the huge logs down river.

If you need a break from your regular school days or just want to do something different, then maybe you ought to give Once-a-Week Unit Studies a try. I'm not a unit study kind of homechooling mama myself, but I did enjoy taking time to use Forest for the Trees over the summer.

The Schoolhouse Review Crew was blessed to review ten different Unit Studies, so please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew website to read more Homeschool Legacy reviews.

**Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.


  1. Forest for the Trees sounds very interesting. We love nature and I think we would enjoy learning more about trees through this study. Thanks for the great review! ~ We chose Native America and it was a wonderful study as well =)

  2. We did the same study and absolutely loved it. My kids kept asking why we hadn't used their studies before and when could we do another one. :)

  3. I am enjoying your blog very much! Thanks for sharing.


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