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Schoolhouse Review: Speekee TV

It's a bit embarrassing that my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents all spoke/speak Spanish fluently. Then comes my sisters and I and guess what? We don't know a lick of Spanish. It can be awkward considering our Hispanic heritage. I can be out shopping and because I'm Hispanic people will often come to me for translation help. Shamefaced I tell them, sorry, I don't speak Spanish.

In our household my husband is the only one speaks Spanish. He learned as a child, his family lived in Mexico while doing missionary work. You'd think that my children would know some Spanish as well but like their mama they don't.

When Speekee came up for review I was happy to participate and so were my children. What we received was Speekee TV via the web. The cost for a monthly subscription is $7.50 and yearly is $60.00. The first two weeks are free!!! Can't beat that. Try it, you can cancel at any time. You can also find Speekee on facebook or Twitter.

This program is geared for children ages 2-10. I used it with children ages 8-14 years of age and they all enjoyed it. My 14 year old would watch Speekee right along with us.
 When you sign up with Speekee, you not only have access to the wonderful videos, but you can also print worksheets and flashcards and you receive a weekly itinerary delivered to your email.

When you log-in to your account and scroll down to the very bottom you will want to click on the word 'FastTrack' this will take you to a week-by-week schedule. Click on each day to see what video, worksheets, or words you will practice for that day.
One thing that I really appreciate with being a busy homeschooling mom of 6, is organization. I like everything scheduled for me. Speekee does that. All I have to do is log-in, click 'FastTrack' and click the day we are on and go from there.

The videos are very entertaining with real life scenes, lively songs, real children, and lots of fun puppets. My 8 year old son, Lance really enjoyed watching them. He would like to see the same episode more than once.
Each episode is about 18-20 minutes long. It seems at times it's pretty fast but from each episode are clips and these are usually about 30 seconds to over a minute. For example our first weeks video was titled 'El Parque', so we watched the 13.50 minute video. Then there was 6 shorter episodes that concentrated on numbers, greetings, and so forth that were taken from the 'El Parque' video.
The episodes are not scheduled every day (but of course you can watch them daily if you like). Some weeks there may be three days to watch the videos and the other days may be roll playing, using a worksheet, or playing a game.

How did we use Speekee? First I would see what was scheduled for the day. I would print worksheets if needed. I would sit with the children and watch Speekee with them. At times we would pause the video to go over some of the words.

We didn't really use the worksheets but I did print them and we would go over the words. I also printed the flashcards and would hang them up in the kitchen where I would be reminded to use the words with the children.

I'm sure you all are wondering if we retained any of the words, the answer is yes. One time I was telling Lance that I liked something and he said, "You should say Me gusta mom." ("Me gusta" meaning 'I like')

What did I and the children think of Speekee? I thought it was worth the price. $60.00 for a year of Speekee is a bargain. During the review period I did sit with the kids but I don't see myself doing that all year. I will most likely watch Speekee on my own time, print the flashcards and worksheets to hang around the house and have Lance watch the videos on his own.

Some of my fellow Crew members were able to set up Speekee on their T.V. via the Wii. We haven't done this yet but I'd love for my hubby to look into this, so the kids could watch them that way as well. Currently I'm not sure how one can hook this up to the Wii but thought it worth mentioning for those of you who may know how to do this.

The children enjoyed watching the videos. I didn't hear any complaints, not even from my 14 year old son. I will continue to use this with the younger children but won't require my older two to watch them. I'm sure they'll pick-up the words just by hearing us using them.

To read more Speekee reviews please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew website.

**Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.


  1. Great review, Linda! We love it too and Colby is obsessed, watching at least two a day!

  2. Hola Linda, This is Jim from Speekee TV checking in to say a big GRACIAS for your review!

  3. Hi, Michele, thank you, Lance has so much fun watching Speekee. I enjoy watching him sing along with the characters.

    Hola Jim, you are very welcome. We are so thankful for the opportunity to review Speekee.


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