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Week 2/Day 1 {2012-2013}

I'm still trying to figure out how to title our school days. Should I do like last year and try to keep track of the days and title "Day 38" and so forth. By week as I did this post "Week2/Day 1" with the year? Any ideas are welcome, help!

At the moment I probably should be sleeping. I was up late finishing a review. I thought I had it just right and then I read what my Crew Mates have written and many of them are sooooooooooo good. I come back to mine and see how I could have done better. It's a good thing actually because I learn.

As for school, today was a big day for me. I added in Ethan, using Bigger Hearts. I sort of stumbled with it because I'm not really sure how to fit it in our day. I would like to take 1.5 hours a day to go over our History, Poetry, Bible Study, Storytime, Music, Science and the rotating box but I know it's too much for one sitting, BUT at the sometime if I  let him go many times I don't get him back. And like today I didn't finish, we still need to do our Science Box.

I also spent an hour with Lance doing, phonics/reading, History, and Bible. I didn't complete Science, Storytime or Math.

I started our day with Family Time Fitness. Last week we skipped our fitness time and I don't want to do that, I really want to fit this in our weekly schedule.

Then I had Lance in the 'hot seat' we started with Phonics. We repeated the alphabet. He can almost say it all the way through. He messes up when he gets to the V. He keeps calling it a 'W'.
He practiced making the letter 'Ff' and did quiet well. I was a happy and proud mama! He completed to pages of Horizons Phonics. This week in Little Hearts the history focuses on The Apostles Preach the Good News. We read from the book of Acts.

I was really excited to start using Bigger with Ethan. Our first day hit a few bumps but over-all it was a good day. Below he is studying our Character Trait for this Unit. Persistence. The verse he looked up was Proverbs 2:3~5.
I read from A First Book in American History, our poetry selection, "Four by the Clock", did our Bible Study which focused on the Character Trait, read a half of a chapter from our Storytime and we went over the continents and four oceans. Whew it took some time but we got it done.
During the almost two hours with Ethan we played a place-value game via The Complete Book of Math. He still needs to complete two math book pages from Mathematical Reasoning (we haven't ordered TT4 yet and am still debating).

By the time I was done with teaching Lance and Ethan it was 11:30 and I was HUNGRY. I scarfed down some yogurt with berries and granola. I put some left over Shepherd's Pie in the oven to warm for lunch.

Once we were done with lunch it was time for our Box of Ideas~World War II studies. In this module we are learning about 'Day of Infamy' and I read "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy". We then used the Activity Cards to make a timeline of what happened. I shuffled the cards, made four piles (one for Annette, Caleb, Brent and myself), I put the first card on our timeline, then we would each check to see who had the next card. I would read them before putting the card in its slot.
We also found Oahu and Japan on two different types of maps; a flat map and the globe. We also discussed what happened.
I still had some reading to do from Bigger so I took Annette, Caleb, Brent, and Ethan to the living room and read A Child's Story of America and Pedro's Journal. These books are part of the Extension package and are optional. I probably should have read his science books but these looked good and I'm going to try to fit them in when I can.

By this time it was 1:15, so I took a 15 minute nap. After my cat nap I had Ethan complete a page from his Standard Based Grammar. His first lesson was on nouns. There was a little trick to help him remember that a noun is a person, place, or thing. He had to think of a nun, walking to church, wearing a ring. He then drew a picture. The first row of words he had to write person, place, or thing. The second row we did orally.
 Last night I was so glad to have his history/science pages and the poetry pages spiral bound at FedEx Office. They came out so pretty. I'll write more about these later. I printed them from HOD Yahoo Group.
I also sat with Joshua today and went over some of his school with him. We are still waiting for his planner. I think once we get that and write exactly what subjects he needs to do on what days, it will help him to complete his school work. Right now he's flopping around. I'm the same. I need my planner!!!

Today Joshua had to watch a Three-Dimensional Earth as part of his Bob Jones Cultural Geography. I thought it was pretty so I captured a screen shot of it.

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  1. I love how you bind their workbooks at fedex. So organized! :)

    Since you post daily, I kind of like when you number the days, like day 104, day 105, day 106. :)


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