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Week 2/Day 2 {2012-2013}

Yesterday evening I was able to finish school with Ethan and Lance. I should have edited my post.

Ethan completed  Day 2 of Bigger. For Artistic Expression he painted ocean waves and the sky with clouds. we used the watercolor paints that I purchased for Caleb and Brent. I found that a little goes a long way and to make sure you mix the paint with some water. I'm surprised he let me take pictures of him.
  For Science Exploration he copied Psalm 95:5 in his notebook and copied from One Small Square: Seashore, the ocean tides, high and low. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture. I'll have to edit this post later.
 He completed another page from Standard Based Grammar. This time he drew two nuns at a park and we don't know their names, so they are common nouns. Then he drew one nun, we call her Sister Mary. Since we do know her name we can say it's a Proper Noun.
 He read page 98 from Phonics Pathways.I'm kinda going back and forth with Phonics Pathways and Horizons Phonics.
 Yesterday he had a hard time reading the Horizons Reader. He did okay with the workbook page though.

Below is my ocean creation. I wanted to do the Artistic Exploration from Bigger Hearts the day before to make sure I understood and would know what I was doing. Believe it or not I sometimes have to read the instructions more than once or twice. Yikes. I'm more visual so this is good for me. Heart of Dakota is not only teaching the children how to follow written instruction but me as well ;) Anyway, back to my creation. I originally used Crayola paint on regular paper and it didn't come out to good. I actually liked when I mixed the paints up on the paper plate better.
.The only subject I did not get to with Ethan was math. I had pulled out his books and opened them to the correct pages but I forgot about it until now.

My Little Hearts guy completed Day 3. I had him start with math first using Mathematical Reasoning. I knew it might be forgotten if we didn't. Today he learned a little about fractions (1/2).

 I had my nephew, so that's why the KoolAid drink is out. He wanted to share with Lance. In today's story of The Adventures of Grandfather Frog, we learned about responsibility. How Meadow Mouse stayed with Grandfather Frog even though it was very dangerous for him. He felt it was his responsibility to help keep Grandfather Frog safe.

Below Ethan finishing his schoolwork and the boys are eating an orange.
The boys started  week 3 of WinterPromise~Human Body and Forensics. Today we made a respiratory model. They had lots of fun with that.

 Brent with the respiratory model.
 Below Brent is filling out the Lab Report with very basic answers, like 'it filled up' or 'the air left'.
 I'm so excited about my laptop. Here is Brent using my laptop to do Math Essentials.
Annette, Caleb, and Brent are doing half school because I haven't ordered their stuff.

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