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Week 2/Day 3 {2012-2013}

I stayed up way too late last night. I didn't get to bed until past 2:00 a.m. in the morning. I was working on another review. I love writing when all is quiet but I need to find another quiet times so I'm not up so late. I need to be up bright and early to start school. I did take a 20 minute nap about 1:30 today.

We got a lot done. I started with Bigger Hearts with Ethan. This is our 3rd day using it. The first day he thought it was too much, the 2nd day he was okay with the work-load and today he actually went back to some of yesterday's science work to color in his picture. I was so happy. You all know I would love it if my boys would color more and make things look so pretty. Anyway, we got all his school done. Thank you Jesus!

I'm not sure if this is the first thing we did but below he is completing a Horizons Phonics page. I didn't have him read from the reader today because I knew it would be too difficult. I was going to have him read from Phonics Pathways but I fell asleep during that time slot!
 We went over our character trait which is persistence. These beautiful Character Cards were created by Monarch Room. I had them printed, laminated and cut at FedEx Office. Actually my husband did the cutting using the cutter provided at the store. What a sweetie.
 I didn't take a picture but Ethan wrote his first vocabulary word, lamentation. I looked it up on my laptop and he copied the definition. He also copied the sentence that was in the book "A First Book in America History". I didn't have him draw a picture. He could if he wanted to though. Maybe I'll remind him later.

For Bible we talked about his verse. I forgot to read from Little Pillows. I'll do that after quiet time.

He completed a few pages from his workbooks. Below is a page from The Complete Book of Math.
 For Science Exploration I read a few pages from One Small Square: Seashore and then we did a 'sink and/or float' experiment. We filled a bowl with water, dropped a penny in, then a balloon and discussed what happened.

We also talked about a turtle we saw at the Aquarium from last week. It was a rescue turtle. The poor thing had a piece of its shell torn of by a boat causing air to become trapped and it could no longer swim under water. Weights had to be put in the section of the shell that was nicked and patched up. It would never see or live in the ocean again because the patch will eventually come off and the weights will fall out. The turtle will have to see the turtle doctor for another patch.

Below is his drawing of what we did today. I actually drew the procedure on the whiteboard this time because I wanted him to understand what to do (you know make it nice and neat with labels and such) but next time I'll have him do it all on his own. The only help I'll give is with spelling.
Ethan dictated why he thought some things float and sink. Bigger has a lot of writing and I'm easing my little guy into it. Hopefully by the end of the year he'll do most of it.
 This was yesterday's science work. He pulled it out on his very own and started coloring it.
I also read the extension books. I read these two books after lunch and before my nap. Annette likes to listen in on the reading. She's most interested in Pedro's Journal.

Once I had Ethan doing math I started with my two middle boys, Caleb and Brent. Today for science we put together the respitory system. I'm am tweaking the schedule a bit. In the WinterPromise Guide~Human Body and Forensics there is a two day schedule. Usually with The Way We Work book there are 10 pages or more to read. This is way too long to keep my boys attention so I pick and choose the pages. I have also added in two Usborne books because the vocabulary is easier and I like the added pictures.
Also on Your Choice of Activities you could choose to make the respiratory system using the 2 liter bottle or by using The Body Book. I chose both. We did the 2 liter bottle model yesterday and did the paper one today. I like the repetitiveness with adding the two extra books and doing both models of the respiratory system. I think it's important for them to hear it over and over again.

Here are the parts. Earlier while I was schooling Ethan, I had the boys color and cut the pieces of the respiratory system.
I'm so goofy!!! I didn't realize that the funny oval shape with the funny shape thing inside was the face! Now our guy has a purple face.
 The boys and I worked together to get Skeletal all put together.
 Then we moved on to our reading, using Drawn into the Heart of Reading. We are on Day 7.
As you know I haven't ordered their school stuff yet, so the only subjects they are doing right now are math, reading, and science. I guess I can add some copywork. If my printer worked I'd have them working on Paragraph Writing Made Easy.

My Little Hearts guy cleaned his room while I was working with his older siblings.
 He then wanted to take some pictures of his great accomplishment. Wow, he did this all on his own.
 While I was still working with Caleb and Brent, he started copying his AWANA verse. I need to show him how to space correctly but hey, he did this on his own.
 I like how all his school books fit neatly in a container. When we're done I put it all in the container, put the Little Hearts Guide on top and put it in the bookshelf. I'm no longer hunting for his books.
 We read about Paul and Silas today. Lance knew the story but I told him he could hear it again.
 Today Grandfather Frog thought he was so very wise when in fact he was being foolish.
 After I read about Grandfather Frog I wrote a sentence in his notebook leaving a few places blank for him to fill in his name and what dangers he needs to stay away from. He wrote his name so sloppy that I had him practice writing it, along with the words 'a' and 'an'.
 I wrote the words on the far left as a model. When he was done I circled his best work.
 Lance also completed a few pages from The Complete Book of Money as well as  Mathematical Reasoning and Language Smarts B.

Joshua is loving my laptop as well. He doesn't have to wait to do his assignments anymore. He just grabs my laptop and goes to his room. Although in the picture below he used the desktop computer. 
He's completing his Time4Writing assignment and for now we both prefer to use a mouse.
Joshua also completed Wordly Wise 3000, 7. This is not part of his school load. I bought Wordly Wise almost three years ago (the workbook and audio cd). He has always liked to learn new words, so I bought this for fun. I told him he didn't have to do the workbook but I wanted him to at least look at the words while listening to the cd. This year he pulled it out an wanted to complete the workbook too! Of course I'll let him if he wants to do it. I probably should get him the next level but since this is for fun I'll let him use what we have right now. The audio cd is expensive $43.99)

Josh also completed math, history, science, science roots, and Spanish.

Annette, completed a Bob Jones Spanish 1 lesson, reviewed her last years Latin words, did an Editor and Chief page and completed a lesson from Math-U-See Zeta. She's also reading a lot.

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