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Week 2/Day 4 {2012-2013}

I think all of us are glad to start school again. Our days are more structured. As for the work I'm sure some of my dear children would rather play Legos or read all day.

Brent is doing well with not complaining right now (he hasn't had a HOD school-load yet). He tries to get his school done my noon. Today he did Mathe Essentials, WinterPromise Science, and Drawn into the Heart of Reading. That's all there is for him to do right now.

When I write about Caleb and Brent, I noticed that I usually have more pictures of Brent doing school then Caleb. I felt kind of bad about that but them remembered that my Caleb likes to school in his room where Brent is mostly at the kitchen table. Brent it right where I'm teaching and it's so much quicker to take pics of him, so that's why Brent is in most of our school photos.

Both Caleb and Brent wrote what they have learned about the Respiratory System. They also are to memorize H2O, O2, CO2.
 We watched a few videos too, one on cells and the other on the respiratory system. You can view them HERE.
 The children for their Pearl Harbor study watched a few clips of that day. This is from Box of I.D.E.A.S  a review item.

 I also read To the Congress of the United States by Franklin D. Roosevelt and we discussed how horrible that day was on December 7, 1941. I love these family discussion times because we can really talk about how the people must have felt, really dig in and let children know how scary this was for those waking to bombs and rapid gunfire.

I haven't taken one picture of Annette doing school all week. Like Caleb she's usually hiding out in her room and she doesn't have that much school right now. So, although not school related here are a few pics of her being a fun big sister.
 I love these pictures of Lance and Annette.
 My Girl came back from her Aunties looking more like a teenager.
 I thought I'd add a picture of what she is doing for school. One is better that none!
Ethan completed another day of Bigger. I'm so loving Heart of Dakota. Having everything scheduled for me is so wonderful. I love the whole layout of the Bigger Hearts guide.
 Today I read from Journeys in Time. Then Ethan copied the names of the continents and oceans onto index cards. He blew up a balloon and placed the the index cards on the balloon to show the correct location.
 For Storytime I read from James and we talked about responsibility. After I read George Rogers Clark we talked about how the characters were responsible and at times not.
Ethan finding the book of James in his Bible. We are still excitingly waiting for his Deep Blue Kids Bible. Ethan also copied some more of his poem, worked in his Phonics workbook, went over common and proper nouns, and after quiet time will read from Phonics Pathways.

My Little Hearts guy worked on neatly spelling his name and the words, 'a' and 'an' again. Also in his Language Smarts B book he is learning when to use the words 'a' and 'an'. He completed several math pages of Mathematical Reasoning. I need to take the time to check-out some lessons from Professor B Math. Opening up a book is so much quicker then going online. It may sound silly, but when you're trying to teach 7 children every, single, second counts.

Joshua, is doing great with taking ownership of his school work. He completed a Geography test yesterday and today he had to correct what he missed. He corrected his math pages too. With Time4Writing my son didn't follow all the instructions. He was suppose to bold certain words and didn't so his teacher was not able to grade his work.

It looks like we are not going to complete the course either. There were some days that he didn't do T4W. At the time of my review he was right on schedule so I didn't mention this as a con but now that we are living through it =) not good. It would be nice if they gave the child 10 weeks to complete the 8 week course. This way if a child is sick or took a vacation day he'd still have time to finish without trying to rush.

That was another homeschool day here at Homeschooling6. Hope you enjoyed your visit!

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  1. Sounds like y'all are getting off to a great start! Looks like alota learnin' going on. :)

    Annette does look older, very pretty.

    The bookcase behind them looks great. Probably a lot easier than those crates.


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