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Week 3 {2012-2013}

I'm glad I'm feeling so much better today. I went to bed before midnight yesterday and woke up at 7:30 a.m. this morning. I don't feel so defeated like I did yesterday with all that's going on. Amazing what a little sleep can do.

Can you believe I haven't blogged daily about our school week?!? Pretty amazing huh? That's how tired I was this week.

This week in review post will have lots of pictures because I usually post what we do daily using pics.

Here is how we start our days off. I make us an iced drink using juice, vanilla powder, ice and a blender. I rotate the juice. One day it will be green, purplish~blue, or light red. This way we are drinking a variety of fruit.

 Brent and Caleb found one of my favorite unidentified flowers in the yard.

Ethan 4th Grade
Bigger Hearts 
Unit 2
Focus: The Search for a New Route to Asia

This week we only completed three days of Unit 2. Wednesday was Box Day and Thursday I had an appointment with the oral surgeon and was just plain tired. 

Monday we completed two days of Bigger. Last Friday we didn't finish Day 5, so he did that Monday along with starting Unit 2.
 Above Ethan is completing map work.
Below he is using his small boat to sail the globe. He was learning about the equator, the South Pole and North Pole.
 We didn't finish the whole Unit but Ethan did copy all of the poem for this week. Every day he diligently went to work on his poem. I was proud of him.
 He completed pages from The Complete Book of Math and from Mathematical Reasoning.
Below are pages from The Complete Book of Math.
 We took turns coloring the USA rocket.

 The flag on this workbook page said 'Go Tigers'. Ethan, like his Grandpa Joe is a Vikings fan so he changed wrote that on his paper.
 He has been working his way through Phonics Pathways. I also have him using the workbook only from Horizons Phonics (no pics this time)
 Below is what Ethan and I used to complete his vocabulary. I only had him do one word.
I forgot to take pictures of his Standard Based Grammar lessons. He completed lesson 6 today learning about singular and plural nouns.

Lance 2nd Grade
Little Hearts
Unit 2 Days 1&2
Focus: Christianity in the Roman Empire
 Day 1 I read from the books below.

 For Science Discovery we did an experiment with mixing dyes. God showed John a beautiful vision of heaven with all of the colors from the rainbow.
 First we gathered our supplies, then put the primary colors in the water.
 Lance mixed them to make new colors!
 Brent, Caleb and Ethan wanted in on the action. They too experimented with colors.
 Lance using his Reading Ruler a Schoolhouse Review Crew item.
 Day 2
 In the book History Stories for Children Lance learned the real meaning of Valentine's Day. For Artistic Expression, he made a heart.
 Lance, loves AWANA and takes ownership of learning his verses. He puts the Cd in the computer and listens to the verse over and over.
 Lance works well when his buddies are around. He is working on Horizons Phonics.

Caleb 6th Grade & Brent 5th Grade

This week in science we learned about the Circulatory System. The children learned about red & white blood cells, veins, arteries, plasma, fibrin and blood clotting.
 The especially loved this picture of "A Day at the Spleen" and how the worn out Red Blood Cells are destroyed.

 Today's experiment was demonstrating that when we get a cut and the skin breaks and blood flows out of it. Strands of fibrin are formed and traps the red & white blood cells as well as the platelets. Blood clot is formed and eventually a scab. Pretty amazing how God made us.

 Brent's math (Math Essentials Book 2)
 Both Brent and Caleb continued with Drawn into the Heart of Reading.
Below is a sample of Brent's work.

9th Grade

Although Josh completed many subjects I only have one picture.

7th Grade

Annette, watching Mr. Demme. She is using Zeta this year.

That's about it. Hope you enjoyed peeking into our week!


  1. Our local homeschool store gave us a free reading ruler with our last purchase. It is a great tool!

    Looks like you had a great week.

  2. Wow, lots of fun stuff! Love the Place Value Riddles page.

  3. Love how your little guy changed the flag to root for his team :) It's fun when they add their own touches to school!

  4. I'm impressed. Teaching six is hard. I only ever had to teach 5. :)

    Looks like a great week! Glad you felt refreshed. Sleep is wonderful, isn't it?


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