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21 Days After Oral Surgery

I have been reading other blogs with people who had the same or similar surgery and on the day they were allowed to take off the bands to eat very soft food, they were able. One gal even had cake!

Yesterday I wanted some Lemon Cake, really bad. Well guess what? I had a hard time eating it. I mostly just moistened it and swallowed. I also tried to eat my potato soup without blending it. I had a hard time chewing the small chunks of potato.

I don't even remember how to chew. Today I took some canned, cheese, organic, ravioli. I figured with it being canned and all they would be super soft just in case I couldn't chew it. I also wanted something a little bigger to practice chewing.

I heated up about half the can. I said, "Okay Linda  you can do this. Lord help me chew this, pleeease", I put some on my plate, cut them in half and practiced chewing. I don't think I did it right but I tried. When I'm trying to chew I don't taste much of the food either. I ended up swallowing a lot. I had no problem with the red sauce ;)

Tomorrow I'll try again. For supper I went back to my broccoli soup.

I am taking and putting on my bands all by myself now. Yay! Another small victory. Before my Sweets was doing this for me. What a sweetie he is. I love him so much. Speaking of my Sweets, a few nights ago it was freezing, like 40* freezing. I was cold. I'm in my bed with two heavy blankets and still cold. My Sweets surprised me with a warm towel from the dryer. I thought that was so nice of him. I was able to get warm and fall asleep.

My face is still swollen. I look like a mean lady. My smile is crooked. Today I hurt a little more. Lupe and I figure because of yesterday's orthodontist appointment. With trying to get the archwire in and such.

That's about it for today. Praying for a better tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Linda, talked with Dad yesterday and he told me about your appointments. Still praying for you and a fast healing process. Much love and hugs! ==Reff


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