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Box Day

I'm a little late with writing my Box Day post, Lupe's birthday, Annette's birthday, Annette and Ethan's time with their auntie, what the children are using for school, oh my! I don't think I'm going to catch up. Hopefully I'll get the birthdays in before Oct. 10th!

I wanted to take more pictures but with all the children, it was a bit hectic. I was happy to get a picture of the boxes before they were open. The one on the top is from My Father's World. I ordered their health course for Josh. It has the book Kiss Dating Goodbye. I plan to read through that with him.
 Annette and the boys were digging in, I had to stop them before a book cover was bent or creased. I was so happy to get a new catalog too. Mine doesn't have the cover anymore it's so worn.
 My SIL came shortly after the boxes arrived to pick-up her little guy. She surprised me with Chick-fil-A. It was just about quiet time too, so I had the kiddos go to their rooms while I ate my chicken sandwich. Once my fingers were washed I dug into the box.
Well that was our first box day. The next day Sonlight arrived with Teaching Textbook 4 and MathTacular 3 & 4. Christianbook.com arrived the next day too with Wordsmith and some science DVDs. I'll share more about that later.


  1. Gotta LoVe BOX DAYS! Enjoy all those new books :)

  2. Dusty, I was surprised that it all fit and it was packed so neatly. No bent corners =)


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