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Brent's 5th Grade Year {2012-2013}

My son with a great smile is now in the 4th grade. Brent is my 4th child and 3rd son who loves adventure. Especially when it rains. As soon as he hears those raindrops he is ready to make a shelter and explore the backyard. Like all my boys he loves building a fire without matches but with flint.

He is a good student. He has an occasional melt down now-and-then but thankfully they are few-and-far between. He is growing in his relationship with Christ and I see him maturing daily in his faith-walk. He really tries to live out the character traits that he learns. I'm very proud Brent.

This year he will use Heart of Dakot~Creation to Christ.

 Art and Geography
 Writing and English
 Read Alouds
 For math he will use Math Essentials Book 1 three times a week and MathTacular 4 twice a week. MathTacular 4 is recommended for 6th grade and up when using the workbook too. If using the DVD by itself is appropriate for 4th grade and up.
For Reading Brent will use Drawn into the Heart of Reading, also by Heart of Dakota. I didn't post a picture of the books because I'm not sure how many he will get through this year. I'll add the books as he completes them.
  • Louise Braille (September)
I'm also trying to fit in WinterPromise~Human Body and Forensic. Books included:
  1. Exploring the History of Medicine
  2. Your One-of-a-Kind Human Body
  3. The Body Book
  4. The Human Body for Every Kid
  5. Detective Science
  6. The Way We Work
When time permits I'll have some extras to add as well: (I'll list them later)

Here is a detailed discription of HOD per their site:

  • Classic Poetry from Robert Frost: read and share a new poem weekly, create a corresponding painting with copywork from the poem, and memorize one poem per quarter
  • Spelling: choice of three sets of dictation passages
  • Grammar Lessons using the Text Building with Diligence: English 4
  • Bi-Weekly Creative Writing Lessons using Write with the Best: Vol. I by Jill Dixon
  • Literature Study using Drawn into the Heart of Reading
  • Daily Living Book Science Readings in the area of Life Science/Biology
  • Weekly Science Experiments with written lab sheets emphasizing the scientific process
  • Weekly Science Notebooking
  • Weekly Science Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Biblical Application Questions
  • Weekly Oral Science Narrations
  • Bible Study of Genesis 1-11
  • Focus on Geography of the Bible Lands

    • Corresponding History Readings
    • Prophecy Fulfillment Chart
    • Guided Written Narrations
    • Timeline Entries
    • Copywork: Quotes, Verses, and Literature Passages
    • Research Questions
    • Weekly Hands-on History Projects
    • Bible Passage Memory Work of Philippians 2 with CD "Bible Study in Stereo: Philippians 2"
    • Step-by-step sketching corresponding with Greece and Rome
    • Creation of a History Notebook
    • Oral Narrations
    • Mapping
    • Personal Quiet-time Bible Study of Old and New Testament stories
    • Choice of Read-aloud Options based on History Interest, Boy Interest, or Girl Interest
    • Corresponding Audio Overview of History with Diana Waring's What in the World Vol. I

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