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Day 10 After Oral Surgery

I can't wait to blog about homeschooling again =)

I'm off almost all meds. Yay. Little victory. Today Lupe and I went to Target so I could pick out some food for myself. Who would ever think a 41 year old lady would be so happy to buying tons of baby food. Crazy huh? 

I also bought a few soups and Chef Boyardee. With this I add some beef broth, heat it and blend it. I'm also blending the baby food that has pasta chunks and such.

Tonight's dinner was a whopping 210 calories. I'll be hungry within an hour. Yikes.

Enough about food. Hee, hee. I'm doing well. Much better than last week. I'm still sleeping in the living room because my head needs to be elevated. I'm thankful I don't have to sleep sitting up, I can know lean back more. My hubby has been so kind as to sleep in the living room too. I think that's so sweet. I know it's not very comfortable on that lumpy, little, couch.

I don't feel ready to sleep on the bed yet. I need the couch corner to keep me propped. 

Last night was the first night since I've been home that I slept all night. I woke a few times because I got cold but it wasn't because of my nasal passages being blocked. Yay. A friend sent me a Vicks Waterless Vaporizer. I love it! I am going to let Annette use it once a get some more sleep. I think it will help with her allergies. I would also like to purchase another one for Lance. He has a hard time falling asleep and I think this may help.  He doesn't like saying up so late but his mind is so awake. He asked about my Vicks Vaporizer and I thought this just might do the trick. Even if it's all in his head ;)

My bottom lip and chin are still numb. I'm still swollen as well. I can drink using a cup but have to be careful since I can't feel my bottom lip. All of my food has to fit in a syringe still.

Sorry this post is so choppy but I'm tired right now. I wanted to write a quick update with what's happening.

In Him,


  1. Linda, I can already tell by the tone of your post that you are feeling in better spirits! Praise the Lord! God is sooooo good! I'm so happy to hear that you are sleeping a little better as well. I bet you are losing mega weight (not that that's important) on that baby food diet...:( But you will be up and ready for the holiday cooking and baking soon!

    I miss your homeschool post! But I'm so happy that in this little season of your life, God is giving you so much strength to get through it. Your good attitude and perseverance are a testimony to us all, especially me, because you know that I'm a big chicken/baby when it comes to anything about health. ;)

    Much Love my sweet friend,

    Dee :)

    ps I have a camera full of pics, but just can't get myself to post on my blog lately...don't know what's up with that...maybe tonight...

  2. Yes, Dee, I'm not in so much pain. The numbness on my chin kinda hurts. Sounds weird but it does. I usually have a napkin close by just in case I drool (gross I know but it's a part of life for me now). When I dab my mouth the paper napkin hits my chin and it has a weird, uncomfortable sensation. Can't wait for that to go away.

    Not sure if I'm losing anything, I still have the same rolls ;)

    Thank you so much for your prayers.


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