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Day 11 After Oral Surgery

One of the biggest challenges is eating enough food to stay healthy. Today so far (it's 4:44 p.m.) I have only had 595 calories but it seems as if I've been trying to get food down all day. I'm happy to report that I drank almost 16oz of water today. That is the most so far. I hope to drink another 16oz.

Something new I found I could do is sip or slurp not sure which from a pouch. In the baby food section there is all kinds of pureed fruits and veggies. Today I sucked up one that had broccoli and apples. This is great because I don't have to put it in a syringe. Yay! Another small victory.
Tomorrow Lupe goes back to work and I'm on my own. I sure would love it if my hubby could stay with me but I know we need to get back to normal.

Prayer please for my chin. It has this tingling sensation that's uncomfortable. When my napkin touches it, it hurt a bit too. I so bad want the numbness to go away.

Edited to add that I had another 500 calories today. Yay, I took in about 1,100 calories.  That's the best I've done since the surgery day. Some of those calories are from drinking Gerber Baby yogurt. One little bottle is 100 calories.

It took a long time but I almost ate a whole can of Chef Boyardee Spagetti. I added beef broth and blended it. It took 30 minutes to eat it and I couldn't finish the last bit. When you have to suck food from a syringe sometimes your tongue or something inside the mouth starts stinging. Kinda like when you suck on a lollipop.

For dinner my hubby made pancakes and let the children drizzle chocolate syrup all over them. Aaack! Where did we get chocolate sryup?!? =)


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  1. Still praying for you, Linda! One day at a time - healing is coming!


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