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Day 20 After Oral Surgery

I went to see my oral surgeon this morning. He said everything looks great! Yay! My splint was removed but I'm still wearing bands.They can be taken off to eat and brush my teeth.

I have read blogs of others who have had oral surgery and they mention how glad they are to brush their teeth again because their mouth felt yucky. Thankfully for me that hasn't been the case. I don't know if it's because I've been rinsing my mouth out 4+ times a day with equal parts of water, peroxide, and mouthwash and I rinse with water after each meal too. I also didn't drink those Ensure, Boost, or Kellogg's drinks which contain a lot of sugar nor did I use protein shakes. Basically other than some pureed fruit I didn't eat a whole lotta sugar (puddings, shakes and such). Actually my mouth feels cleaner. Hard to believe considering I wasn't able to brush my teeth.

Right now I still am having difficult brushing my teeth, even with using a toddler toothbrush. I do brush my front teeth often, because the wires catch a lot of teeny, tiny bits of potato from my potato soup.

Now that my splint is off I don't have so much wire where food can get stuck. Another victory! After leaving the surgeon's office I had to head straight to my orthodontist to have an archwire put in. My jaw still needs support and it could collapse without that support. Getting the splint out was rather painless. Having the archwire put in was some-what uncomfortable.

Around my mouth it's still sore, so with all the pressing and such to put the wire in was a bit painful. It took about an hour at the orthodontist. They had to form it to my mouth and that took a while.

My chin and bottom lip are still numb. I am on a very soft food diet. This means like a soft noodle consistency. No meats unless they are blended. My calorie intake is about 1,100, so I'm doing pretty good. I haven't lost a whole lot of weight, which is a good thing because I need all the calories to help me recover. I think I've only lost about 5lbs at the most.

Here is another site for those of you who are interested. www.JawDiaries.com.

That's where I'm at for now.


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