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Day 5 After Surgery

Can't believe it's been five days since my oral surgery. I finally gave in and took Tylenol with Codeine this morning.

It takes forever to do something. (I need to hurry, I'm feeling warn and fuzzy because I've taken my Codeine dose).

I start by trying to get something in my tummy. Everything has to be liquefied. I try to get some warm broth with baby food meat for some protein. Then I mix either baby veggies or fruit with some 100% juice. It takes  between 30-40 minutes. Once I have something in my belly, I can take my meds.

Decongestion, so my nasal passages don't block.
Tylenol with Codeine for pain
Children'ts Tylenol or Motrin to reduce swelling
Pink stuff to ward off any infection.

When done with the meds. usually takes 30 minutes. I then have juice again because some of the meds taste so gross but I'm thankful for them.

Lupe, changes my ice packs on both sides of my face. He so kind, he crushes the ice in the blender so it will be more comfortable.

Then it's off to the nebulizar. Did I tell you all I'm deathly afraid of not being able to breath? Scary!

Then I clean my lips and put medicine on them so they don't get blisters and dry out to much. They huge and stretched.

Then I start the cycle all over again. It's a lot of work. This is the first time I'm able to get on my laptop. I need to sleep now but wanted to write.

Lupe is doing an amazing job with schooling the kids today. They may not finish everything, everyday but I couldn't do it either. All I can say is he is taking care of us, with the help of my our church family. The meals really save him time.

My SIL just brought me some ice tea from starbucks. I'll put it in the syringe for later. Can't wait. Too tired for now to drink it.

My dad has played with the kiddos. Everyone has been so kind with their time.

The children are doing well. Lance looks at me now. I told the children that it's okay if I look funny (ugly) to them.

When this is all over I'll have to write how I would have better prepared the family for such an ordeal.

The Codeine is really making my eyes droop now.

In Christ,


  1. You sound a teeny bit better, praise the Lord! I wanted to suggest a humidifier as well in your bedroom. Some of them run for only 20-30 bucks and they keep the air nice and clean so you don't get congested.

    Still praying for you...

  2. oh my bless your heart! Praying that you continue to heal and recover quickly! Blessings!


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