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Day 7 After Oral surgery

It's been 7 whole days. Wow! Everything is going fine. I'm swollen but not nearly as when I first came home. I felt my bottom lip was going to burst at first. My cheeks and chin are swollen too and hurt at times. It's funny because the cool air helps with keeping my nasal passages clear but makes my chin throb and have a burning sensation. When the room starts getting too warm, my chin doesn't throb as much but my nose becomes stuffy. Believe it or not I prefer the throbbing chin.

I'm still numb from the bottom half of my face and from what I understand it will be numb and swollen for weeks.

Eating is becoming easier. There are times when I can't get the syringe in right though, and that's no fun. I then have to just stop trying (hungry and all) because I become frustrated.

I tried talking a little bit today. I don't want to try talking too much because my chin starts to throb more.

I had the upper jaw and lower jaw worked on. This is why my nasal passages are affected. The doctor also had to cut some bone from my chin. He made it so everything will align and not look crooked when done. It was extra $$$ but might as well do it right.

I was so unprepared for this. The doctor mentioned a few things like have Ensure on hand, what medicines to get before the surgery and all but man, he didn't tell me all the things I'd really need.

Let me just say that the Ensure is not the healthiest thing to drink and is actually full of sugar! Yuck! I took a few sips of one and just couldn't take it. No sir Bob. Thankfully there are many other good nutritious drinks out there.

I'll have to go into more detail later. Right now I need to frost my Birthday Cake. Lupe bought a boxed cake mix and had planned to bake a cake but he ran out of time. Poor guy is being run~ragged. So I felt well enough today to add the ingredients and put it in the oven.

My sister Cynce, her hubby Don, and their children MaryEllen and Donnie sent me some really pretty roses. I was feeling kind of tired and my nose was stuffy and I was hungry when they came. Cheered me up right away. Lupe happened to come home as I was getting water for them, he so kindly snipped the ends and arranged them for me. Like I said, I was worn out at the time.

I'll post a picture of them tomorrow or later tonight.


P.S. THANK YOU for all your prayers. My family, friends, church family, blogging friends and my Crew Mates from the Schoolhouse Review Crew. You all are awesome and I know it's only by the grace of my Lord that I'm doing so well.

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