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My tummy is satisfied. Can you believe it?!? I'm so excited!!! I am having a hard time with the baby food. One jar is 90 calories so it takes me forever to get my calorie intake up. Plus I'm tired of it. Even the ravies, I'm tired of having to blend such a fine food.

Lupe, went to Costco and found some yummy soups. Potato with Bacon and Broccoli Cheddar. I couldn't wait for him to get home as I was very hungry. For today I mostly had the Gerber Oatmeal with Banana. I like that but it doesn't keep the hunger pains away.
As I type, I'm satisfied. Yay! I did have add some chicken broth and put it in the blender because there were some potato chunks and it was a bit thick. I drank about two cups, maybe three. 290 calories per cup. Yikes. I'm going to gain some weight ;) Normally I'd have a problem with the 290 calories a cup but not right now.


  1. Yummy! We love these soups from Costco, but I DO have to watch my calories...Ha! ENJOY all those delicious calories.

    I am so glad that you are able to eat something different and that you are feeling a little better, too.

  2. Thank you Tamara! Today we went to Costco to buy more of the soups and decided to have lunch there (I brought my soup). The children had pizza, it looked so good. I don't think I'll be able to have Costco pizza for a month or so.


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