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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

This week Lupe went back to work so it was just me and the kiddos. We are very slowly getting back into our school routine, or should I say I'm very slowly getting back to schooling. I can't read to the children so we are a bit stuck with our Heart of Dakota programs.

The children are doing math everyday so that's a plus. Ethan and Lance are using ReadingBear for phonics.

Lance is doing daily:
Horizons Phonics
Math via The Complete Book of Math
Reading Bear (almost daily)

Teaching Textbook Math 4
Reading Bear (almost daily)
Phonics Pathways (almost daily)
Cheerful Cursive

Math Essentials
Some of Creation to Christ

Math-U-See Epsilon
Some of Creation to Christ. One day it may be science, another history etc.

She is doing great! I know she is a day behind with her studies but she is pretty much doing all of it.

He's with his Aunt R still. He took his school with him and tries to do at least 3 or 4 hours a day.

We will definitely be working through the summer. I told the children that it's going to be a hard year. Not hard as in depressing or anything but with all that is going on we will have a looooong year.

I have another week with my splint and tight rubber bands. Next Tuesday I get the splint taken out and the orthodontist will put in a some kind of wire to keep my jaw healing properly. I'm not exactly sure what that will be like. I pray I can open my mouth more and spoon feed myself.

On a good note, I am drinking all my meals from a cup. I went to the doctor yesterday and when he put the bands in they were not as tight as before. I still can't use a spoon, so my food continues to be blended.

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