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Getting Ready for Monday

I'm trying to get motivated for Monday. I am having a hard time getting us back on track. Right now the children and Lupe are at church having fun eating chili and playing games. It's kind of like Fall Fest. No dressing up (although the children would love to).

Anyway, I took some time to see where we left off with Professor B. I would like to fit that in again for Lance. I am also looking over all his math books. The Complete Book of Math Games, The Complete Book of Time and Money, and Mathematical Reasoning Level B. Each week I just pull different math pages. We are slowly working through them.

With Ethan I'd like to use my SWR phonics flashcards. Maybe this will give him a boost. He has learned some but not all 72 (I think it is) of them.

Well I need to get off the computer and back to work =)


  1. (((Hugs))) Please allow yourself some sweet grace. You are AMAZING! Maybe only schooling a parital week will help offer you some well deserved time off.

  2. I think that's a great idea. Thanks for your Kindness.


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