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Happy 13th Birthday Annette

We celebrated her birthday on Sunday after supper. Normally I bake the cake the day before but with all that's going on here I forgot! What kind of mama forgets to bake her precious, sweet, daughter's birthday cake. Goodness me!

Thankfully I had all the ingredients for her cake. The Moist Chocolate Cake recipe called for 1 cup of vegetable oil. For some reason I have a hard time putting in that much oil. Usually I swap it for Apple Sauce, but this was my first time baking this cake in years and I wanted it to come out tasting good. If the cake flopped I wouldn't have time to bake another.

I remembered that I had just purchased some Coconut Oil the day before so I used that instead and it came out really, really, moist. Not as fluffy as the boxed cake mixes but it was tasty.

I wanted pink frosting for her cake but again, I couldn't bring myself to put the red dye in the frosting. I thought I'd try using beet juice but my wonderful husband could not locate any beets at the grocery store. When he asked the grocery store guy he said that people don't buy them and the grocery store ends up throwing them away.

I made a Butter Cream frosting. I would have preferred whipped cream frosting but I didn't have enough Heavy Whipping Cream. I need to figure out how to make a better frosting. It came out good. The children loved it but it called for Shortning. I have to do more research on all this stuff.

Okay enough about the cake.....Annette looked so pretty. I brushed all the tangles out and pinned her hair back. She really liked it.
 Annette decorated the table. I wanted everything pink, girly, and feminine for her 13th birthday. She normally shares her birthday with Caleb because they are 12 months, 6 days apart. Their birthday themes usually have a masculine slant. This is whay I was so set on pink for her.

Annette is not into the whole princess theme so I was trying to stay away from that. I found pink plates and cups with cupcakes but Target was out of the tablecloth. The only pretty pink ones left had the Disney Princesses. I liked the dark pink and pretty flowers so I overlooked the princesses.
 Joshua decorated her chair (which you can't see the crape papert) and the wall behind her. I thought it came out really nice.
 She is posing with her favorite stuffed animal and blanket. Below with her cousins and siblings.
 Grandma and Grandpa called from California to wish her a happy birthday.
 Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday!!!
 Trying to blow out her candles as lady-like as one can.
 Annette with all her gifts. Lupe picked out the wrapping paper. I wanted Hello Kitty, but he chose Tweety Bird.
 Brent gave Annette his penny collectiong. Oh, how sweet.
 Her cousin Middl J, gave her a pet rock that he made at school. Awwwe!
Her cousin Princess J made her a card.
 Joshua gave her a Playmobile horse set.
 Auntie V. gave her a whole bag of Milky Ways.
 Her cousin who is her age made her a very nice card.
 Here she is opening her gift from her mama! What can it be?
 A gun!!! Yes we are Texans now =)
 Her dad gave her a very special gift. A silver necklace that has a heart and a key.
 Dad putting it on her. He also gave a quick little speech of how she is becoming a young lady.
 The key, he kept and explained to Annette that he will hold the key to her heart until that someone special comes (many, many moons from now). Throughout her teen years we plan to talk to her about not giving her heart to just anyone. I'm so thankful that Lupe and I are on the same page with raising our children.
 I numbered Annette's gift because they were all related. I didn't want her to open the air-soft gun pelts first, then she would know that one of the other gifts I gave her was an airsoft gun.
 Joshua also purchased her a book that was on her Amazon Wish List as 'high'. My camera was acting up and gave her a dark shadow. Not sure why it does that at times. A few pictures that I didn't post had a dark pink ting. Weird.
 All the gifts from her mama.
 That's my girl!
Happy birthday my sweet girl!!!

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