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I'm Home

I'm home but in lots of pain. Please pray for the my swollen face. My face can only stretch so far. I try not to get emotional because my nasal passages swell, please pray about that as well. I'm having a hard time drinking. I can only drink or get any food through a syringe and sometimes it's very hard. I'm hungry and nauseated a lot.

Nights are the worst. My SIL has a nebulizer that I am using. I use it daily. It makes me feel safe. Like I won't die =)

The 2nd day at the hospital I cried and got so stuffy that my nasal passages clogged. I had a panic attack. It was so scary. My mouth is banded shut but I found I could get some air if I needed too but it still was pretty scary. This is why I try not to get emotional.

Not being able to say things to my dear sweet ones is hard. We can't communicate like we use too.

Please also keep Lupe in prayer, he's so busy with taking care of me, the children and the house. He is a good husband and I think the Lord for him.

Lance is a bit scared to look at me and I don't blame him one bit. I look horrible. Please pray for Lance, I don't want him to get any nightmares. You know how sensitive he is.

I'm thankful for breathing, and for modern technology. The syringe is my new best friend.

Our church family has been  a lifesaver. They have brought food and are praying for us. My friend Gloria has made some life giving soup. Everybody has been so wonderful.

Thank you friends and family.

In Christ,


  1. (((((Dearest Linda))))))))))

    Oh, how I wish you were in some kind of driving distance. I'd even drive several hours to come and help you and try to offer some comfort.

    I am praying for a quick recovery and can only imagine the fear that comes with the struggle for air.

    Please rest, rest and get more rest!!!!! EVERYTHING else can wait for you to heal.

    I will also specifically praying for your children and husband during this sensitive time. May they see this as a time to serve you through the precious teachings you have taught them over the years.

    If there is anything that you think of that I am able to do, please let me know.

    Love in friendship!!!!

  2. Praying for a speedy recovery, mama!! I am so thankful that you have so much support to help you while you heal. Love ya!

  3. Praying for your total healing! I am so sorry it is tough for you right now. I will pray for your family too :)

  4. Oh Linda, You know I am lifting you up during this time...I will be lifting up Lance that he doesn't have any nightmares...Praying that the swelling on your face goes down quickly as well...

    I thank the Lord for your awesome church family!!! There is nothing like your brothers and sisters in Christ, Jesus when your loved ones are far...

    Thank you so much for posting today! I know that even that is hard with how much pain you are going through...


    ps And prayers of strength are going out to your awesome blessing of a husband! God bless Him for being such a great husband and father!!!

  5. Praying for all you have asked for. May our gracious God touch you with His healing hand and provide you with strength and comfort in the coming weeks. Blessings.

  6. Praying for you, Linda! It sounds so difficult to endure, but I pray you get as much rest as possible and each passing hour lessens the pain and swelling.

  7. Hi Linda, I'm praying for you too. So glad Lupe's there to help you out and see to the house and kids. Hugs to you! I would call you but I'm not sure if you can talk...how long does your mouth have to be banded shut? Love you!


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