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Lupe's Birthday

My Sweet's birthday was last month, so these pictures are a little late.

My SIL who is a super busy lady, has a very special gift. She always finds time to make someone else feel special. She has a busy day with getting three children ready for school, her forth ready for Auntie Linda to watch, she then goes to work, volunteers at church and the list can go on-and-on. I'm tired just thinking about all she does.

Anyway, normally Lupe and I don't celebrate our birthdays separately. We just piggy-back ride on one of the kids because our birthdays are so close together. For instance during Brent's birthday which is three days before mine, Lupe will have the children sing happy birthday to me as well.

Get to the point, Linda.........okay, so my sister-in-law surprised my hubby with cake and ice cream. She let the kids and I know, so children decided to decorate a little.

Oh, look how handsome and happy my Sweets looks.
 Playing around with his cute niece.  I love her smile.
 They were being silly. 
 I love this picture of all the children. One of mine is missing though.
 Looks like everyone his helping this 'old' man blow out his candles. Hee, hee.
 Ethan, made his dad a card.

 Ethan decorating dad's side of the bed. He wanted to surprise him. What a sweet child.
 Lupe loved his gift from Ethan.
 Dad and Ethan playing around.

 Brent wanted in on the fun. What little boy doesn't huh? If they hear laughing they will come =)

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