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My Birthday Dinner

It's my birthday today, so I thought I'd make a special dinner. Herbed Chicken with Pasta. Yum.
 Here's how you make it. Add some 100% Natural Chickin Broth, a jar of Gerber Herbed Chicken with Pasta and a pinch of salt to the pan.
 Once it's heated and stirred add it to the blender and blend on highest speed. I love our high powered Ninja Blender.
 Keep blending......blending.......blending.
 Serve using a syringe. My sister-in-law V made me some Passion Tea Lemonade a few days ago. That's what the other syringe is holding. It helps to have more than one.
I know, that probably grosses many of you out but when your mouth is banded shut you do what you have to do. Actually it's not bad. I am having fun picking what I should eat and trying different things in the blender. Okay, maybe fun is not the right word but as I tell the children, I can laugh or cry. I choose to laugh (not literally though, cause it hurts to laugh) and have fun with the whole thing.

It's a very humbling thing to eat in front of your family but it's all good =)


  1. Happy Birthday Linda!!!

    Awe, there will be better dinners. It's good that you can try to focus on the brighter side of things...

    Much Love,



    ...and one that I am sure you will never forget :)

    Many Blessings for your year ahead. I'm still praying the swelling to go down quickly and for a super fast recovery.

    You are truly amazing!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Linda! You are such a great role model with your positive attitude! Your family is blessed to have you. :) And Lupe is a wonderful role model too with his servant attitude in helping you and the kids through this. God sure has blessed your family! <3

    Love you and glad to see you are recovering well. So, are you loosing a lot of weight with only being able to eat/drink out of a syringe?


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