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Schoolhouse Review: Crossbow Education

Crossbow Education is a family business and has been around since 1992. They specialize in products for Dyslexic and those with Visual Stress. In 2005 Crossbow Education patented the Eye Level Reading Ruler.

For this review I received the Eye Level Reading Ruler: Pack of 10. These sell for $16.95 for the pack of 10.

What exactly is an Eye Level Reading Ruler? It's a colored overlay made of a combination of opaque and transparent plastic that both underlays the text and highlights it in a colored tint. Because these are the size of a 6 inch ruler they are discreet and portable. 

One side of the Reading Rulers is matte coated the other gloss. All my children preferred the matte finish.

For the first time purchaser, Crossbow recommends the 10 pack because the child/adult can try out all the colors and see which color works best. Once you find the color that makes a difference you can then order more if you wish to do so. Crossbow has Colored Overlays that cover the whole page of a book as well.

The child has a choice of single line or paragraph depth tracking. I found that my older children preferred the paragraph depth tracking. Lance, my 8 year old did better with the single line tracking but it was nice that he was able to choose when to use the broad or narrow side. Some of his readers had a bigger font, which he would then use the broad side of the Reading Ruler.
Being on the Homeschool Review Crew has been a huge blessing to me. I would have never thought to use Eye Reading Level Rulers with my children who struggle with reading. I found that my 10 year old son could focus more with using the the Reading Rulers. My 11 year old son didn't feel overwhelmed when reading using the Reading Ruler because it highlighted only a portion of the page. Instead of seeing a page of words, he would see only a portion, thus not stressing him out so much.

My 14 year old son Josh, I think he would prefer to use an overlay that covered a whole page. He didn't like having to move the Reading Ruler as he read.

Overall the Reading Ruler is a great tool for my boys who have a hard time focusing and tracking while they read.

I was able to test this product out as well. I read a lot on and off screen (meaning the computer screen) my eyes sometimes play tricks on me and I start seeing words a little fuzzy. I decided to use the Reading Ruler too because of this. I don't know if I have visual stress as I've never been tested but using the Reading Ruler has helped with the fuzzy words/letters. Like Josh though, I'd prefer an overlay that covers the whole page.

Crossbow also offers Plain Reading Window Rulers for the more advanced reader. These also work well with diagrams and such.
What I thought was really neat as I was looking around their website is they have a Virtual Color Overlay for the computer. You can download it for a 30 day free trial. With the Virtual Color Overlay you can find the tint that best suits you.

To read more reviews on Eye Level Reading Rulers, please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew website.
**Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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