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Schoolhouse Review: ZooWhiz

As a homeschooling mama of 6 children, I do appreciate companies like ZooWhiz. Now I'm not complaining but teaching 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th grade all under one roof can be a wee bit daunting at times. Try as I might getting all subjects in all the time just doesn't happen every day.

This is when I say, "Thank you ZooWhiz", because they can hop on the computer and still get some learning done (and have fun too). ZooWhiz has a lot more patience than I do as well. Another plus!

We were blessed with a Premium Zoologist Subscription. For a one year subscription it cost $59.95 but currently there is a special going on for $14.95.

Here is what you get with a Premium Zoologist Subscription:
  • More Games and Animals
  •  Detailed Animal Information
  • Targeted Learning
  • Detailed Progress Report
  • Premium Integrated Content Selector 
You can also read in more detail the benefits for the parent and child with having a Premium account or watch an Introductory Tour. I also found Information for Kids and Information for Parents very helpful. ZooWhiz is growing and they will continue to add more Premium features and enhancements.

So what is ZooWhiz? It's an online, interactive learning program for children ages 5-15. It includes math, phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar. And can't forget the detailed animal information!

Here's how it works!

Once you set up the child's account they can pick an avatar. Below are some of them. My kiddos loved this! They loved picking and choosing.

There are many places your child can visit. Learn & Earn is where they do their lessons. You or your child can check progress by clicking Milestones. Once your child has earned lots of points from all those lessons, they can visit the Arcade and play some really fun games. Some educational and others are just for fun. If they prefer to buy some animals instead they can head to the Biodome.
After clicking on either the Learn & Earn house or the button on the left side of the above screen, the child will come to 'Choose A Subject' screen.
Here is a small sampling of the Maths. If the child gets the answer correct, they hear an encouraging word like 'Crackerjack'. If they answer incorrectly they are allowed two more tries. If they still get the answer wrong then ZooWhiz will give the answer.

A screen shot from Annette's time on ZooWhizz.
Lance loved using ZooWhiz. I liked that it helped with phonemic awareness.
 In the screen shot below was the word sit, Lance had to write the word sat.
 Lance enjoyed coloring and wanted me to save all of his creations.
Once the lesson is complete a fun screen appears with two bars. One green and the other read, this lets them know how they did.
Here are a few more screen shots from Brent's lesson.

What did Homeschooling6 Mom think of ZooWhiz? I think ZooWhizz is a great addition to our homeschool days. I wouldn't use it as our sole curriculum but as a supplement. ZooWhiz is a great way for my children to practice and review what I have taught them in an enjoyable, fun, way.

I am going to have oral surgery soon after this review and will not be able to speak for three weeks. I plan to have the children use ZooWhizz to keep current with their studies. Especially for grammar, vocabulary, reading, spelling and phonics.

There were a few things I'd like to see ZooWhiz have. With the math, if a child misses the problem it would be nice if they were shown how to get the correct answer rather than it just popping up for them.

An option for the child to have the directions read aloud to him/her would have been a huge plus. Some lessons did this, like the phonics but others did not like the math page below.
Lance who is still learning how to read would not be able to do this page on his own. Sometimes I'd be in the middle of teaching another child and would have to stop to read the instructions for Lance.

I think having the option for the child to hear the instructions would be a great benefit for those who are auditory learners as well.

What did the children think of ZooWhizz? I used this with five of my children ages 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. They all gave it a thumbs up. Lance, spent all his points and wanted to buy an animal so off he went to the Learn and Earn section. He said, "Mom, I need more money, I'm going back to earn some", meaning going back to the Learn and Earn section.

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**Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.