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Week 4 {2012-2013}

Week 4. October 1st-5th, 2012
This was our first week with everybody having their school stuff. Annette, Caleb, and Brent, all started their Heart of Dakota programs. This is also the week before my oral surgery and with so much going on, I have been scatter-brained to say the least. This is the worst back-to-homeschool year ever. It's all good though. Such is life and we learn and move on.
I don't have schedules in place. Normally once the school books arrive I have at least a few weeks to get things copied, bound, or put in their right place. So, this week was a challenge for this unorganized, homeschooling, mama =)
Ethan 4th Grade
Bigger Hearts
Unit 2
Focus The Search for a New Route to Asia
We finished Unit 2. It took two weeks but we got it done.Yay! Our character trait is still humility. We discussed how Columbus and Cabot struggles with pride and could have used more humility in their lives.
Cheerful Cursive: Ethan completed three days. I would have liked him to complete more to catch up but I forgot to assign it on the days that he didn't get a full day of school. This week he only completed three full days.
He completed two days of Phonics Pathways. Today he had to write 10 words from the page he read today.

Teaching Textbooks: He did get through 4 lessons today and completed 1 lesson from The Complete Book of Math 3/4 Grade. He did really well. At first he thought TT4 was going to be too hard because of the month off he had this summer visiting his Auntie R. I told him that usually the beginning is review. He did fine
For Artistic Expression, he painted a fish in the ocean. Only the fish didn't appear.

 Before painting he put wax paper on top of the white paper. He then used a pencil to etch out a fish. The was was suppose to transfer to the paper but I guess it didn't. Oh well, it still looks pretty.
 Science Exploration, Day 5. I read from One Small Square: Seashore and then we did a little experiment. First I asked him, which helps objects to float, fresh water or salt water? He said salt. He didn't really know why though.
 Egg in fresh water.
 Egg in salt water. Once we were done he explained why the egg didn't sink. Good job Ethan!
I didn't take a picture of his map. He traced Cabot's voyage this week.
I haven't started Drawn into the Heart of Reading. I probably won't add that until November or January.

Lance 2nd Grade
Little Hearts
Unit 19
Focus: Christianity in the Roman Empire

Lance finished Unit 19. We started it last week. I still need to do Day 5, Science Discovery.
Sorry, no pictures of Lance this week. Oh, here is one of him using Reading Bear.

Caleb 7th Grade & Brent 6th Grade
Creation to Christ
Unit 1
Focus: The Beginning of History and of Sin

Brent working through his Bible lesson.
Brent completing a MathTacular lesson.

As hard as I tried we didn't complete Unit 1. We still need some of Day 3 and all of Day 4. I wanted to finish this unit so Lupe would have a fresh start with them. Next Monday I have an appointment, so they will have to do what they can on their own. Tuesday I can work with them. Wednesday is surgery day, so they'll be on their own. I'm sure the rest of the week, Thursday and Friday will be the same, so I don't see them doing too much next week. At least with Story Time, Bible Study, Poetry and Language Arts.
Caleb adding Prophecies About Christ to his notebook.

Annette 7th Grade
Unit 1
Resurrection to Reformation

Annette loves to school in my room and use my laptop for research. We put K9 Web Protection on all of our computers.
Below Annette is working on her Philippians study.
 Math-U-See Math. Zeta.

Joshua 9th Grade
Bob Jones Distance Learning
Josh working on Math Essentials.
 He is doing well with this math program. Yay!
Josh is very diligent with his studies. I'm so thankful for that.

I need to start dinner so I must cut my Week~in~Review short. Hopefully I can come back and add in more detail of Joshua and Annette's school week.



  1. I love the One Small Square books. We are doing the Apologia Astronmy too- love it! We also LOVE Teaching Textbooks! Looks like another wonderful week!

  2. Looks like a great week despite the fact you did not feel as organized as you wanted. Good luck with your surgery next week. Give yourself some grace if the kids don't get as much accomplished.