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Week 4/Day 1 {2012-2013}

What a whirlwind of a day. Today was the day that Annette used her brand new Heart of Dakota-Resurrection to Reformation and the boys first day with Creation to Christ. Yeah, it was hectic. I already had planned not to school Ethan and Lance this day. This way I don't have any mama guilt.

All I can say is we just started and we are so behind!!! Next week is my surgery and I know Caleb and Brent are going to need lots of help with Creation to Christ (but then again they just may surprise me). Lance and Ethan's school will have to come to a stop until I am back on my feet (please pray for a quick recovery).

I am going to try and get some assignments ready that they can do on their own.

As for today, I started with Annette. We went over all the boxes in her guide. Once we were done she happily stacked all her books and went to her room, climbed up to the top bunk and dug right into her studies.

About one o'clock I met with her for Story Time and Art. She also narrated to me what she read from Peril and Peace. She did really well. I noticed when she needed to gather her thoughts she would pause get her words in order and then continue on. I was impressed with her oral narration.

When she was done she mentioned that in a book she read about a famous person (I think it was Albert Einstein) how he would think before he spoke. She remembered that during her oral narration.

Heart of Dakota's narrations are more Charlotte Masonish, so Annette, is free to tell me all that she remembered in as much detail as she likes. I don't know if you all remember last year when we were working our way through Writing With Ease 3, Annette had a harder time with telling back the literature passage in 3-4 sentences.  Actually she was writing them down. A few of her Writing with Ease written narrations were quiet long and I had to gently tell her that she need to focus on the main events.

I was going to start Latin with Annette next week but forgot that I will be on sick time. Aaack! Looks like we will probably start in November.

I'm so proud of Caleb and Brent, they didn't whine or balk at all the work they have to do this year. It's a heavier load for them. We went over all the boxes in their guides.

In the Reading About Hhistory box as shown below, the boys had to read four pages on their own.
As of right now I'm not sure how they did. After our quiet time I'll ask and see. Praying that they did okay. I REALLY need them to be able to read this book on their own.
Ethan did get some math in thanks to Teaching Textbook 4. He scored 95% on his first lesson.
I didn't want to purchase TT because I have enough math resources but I know my limits. With Teaching Textbook (TT) I know math will get done.

And that pretty much sums up our schooling day. Lance had lots of free time on his hands. Tomorrow he will too because I have an orthodontist appointment and my dad wants to have a day out. We will run some arrands and have lunch.

You know what I'm thankful for? It arrived in my inbox just in time. School House Spelling. There are some really nice spelling worksheets that I can start printing for Ethan and Lance. In fact Josh will use this as well.
During my sick leave, at least they will have spelling words to copy, read, and write sentences. I don't want Ethan and Lance to stop writing. They need to move forward, so thank you Jesus and SchoolhouseTeachers.com.


  1. ((Hugs)) I am praying for your upcoming surgery. Your children are so sweet and I'm sure that they will use their time wisely to use their Biblical servanthood to help you -- the BEST homeschool lessons ~Amen!

    Prayers being said for a quick recovery, too!

  2. Thank you Tamara, I appreciate your prayers.


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