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Week 8/Day 1 {2012-2013}

I did the calculations and figured out what week we are on. Week 8! Only 6 weeks behind in our Creation to Christ studies =)

With Caleb and Brent I was suppose to read a few chapters in our read aloud book. I can talk some but it's harder than usual and my chin starts to burn if I talk too much. I started reading but stopped. I just couldn't do it. My sweet daughter Annette, said she would read it to them later. Thank you Annette.

I know some people would cringe at how I let my boys write in their guide ;) but it works for us. I'm so glad I was able to get them each their own guide.

Brent's guide.
 Caleb's guide.
My Creation to Christ boys are doing some make-up work. Finishing up what they missed with their dad. Basically we are still on Unit 2. Hopefully by the end of the week we will be done with this unit.

Annette making game pieces. She is a little bit behind as well and working hard to catch-up. She said, "I don't want to ever get behind again because it's hard work to catch up", she's so precious.
 While doing math Lance made a sail boat with his counting teddy bears. Silly little guy.
 I was working with him on the page below but he didn't understand what was going on.
Lance also completed a Horizons Phonics lesson which included reading and penmanship.

Ethan completed Cheerful Cursive, Teaching Textbook 4, Horizons Phonics. He doesn't like Teaching Textbooks but it gets done so he will continue with it. We didn't get to his grammar, but I hope to do a lesson with him later.
Brent also completed a MathTacular word problem and watched the DVD today. Everyday he does a Math Essentials lesson as well.

As for me, well, I wasn't the nicest homeschooling mama. I failed miserably today. I will try to do better tomorrow. Maybe if I could have an egg and ham sandwich for breakfast ;)  I did have my first cup of java in 19 days today. 

A friend from church suggested I take Arnica Montana 30x to help with my bruising, swelling and numb chin. It's recommended that I stop after 10 days. 
Tomorrow I have another appointment to see how things are progressing. The doctor will take my splint out. Then I am to immediately go to my orthodontist, so they can put some kind of wire in my mouth. I don't know how many bands I'll have so I'll report back tomorrow.


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