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Week 8/Day 3 {2012~2013}

With my irritating chin it's been hard to get school done. When I talk too much it hurts more. I did manage to get some in though.

Because I can't read aloud to the children I'm sad to say that our HOD programs are on hold. It's really frustrating.

I continue to do: Phonics, Math, English, Writing, and Reading with the children but everything else is on hold. What's really scary is it could take months before my chin feels normal again.

Ethan completed another lesson in math.
Completed a lesson of Horizons Phonics.
 Read from Phonics Pathways.

Caleb and Brent, completed a lesson in English, did  math, some writing, and are finishing up some history and science from Unit 3 of HOD's Creation to Christ. Below is a page from Brent's Rod and Staff lesson.
Lance completed math, Horizons Phonics which included penmanship, copywork and reading. He also made this picture on the computer.
Annette, is 8 days behind. Yikes! The first week after my oral surgery, Annette, helped her dad a lot with the housework and boys, so I told her not to worry about her school work, that we'll figure it all out (which means we will work through the summer). This is why she is behind. She really isn't but when the Guides have Unit 1, Unit 2, etc. it sort of makes you feel like you are.

With Annette's Bible study that we are suppose to do together, she is behind. This is because I haven't had the energy to do it all. Tomorrow we are going to start where we left off on Unit 2 of her Beautiful Girlhood studies. To catch up we will do this four days a week. Hopefully in a few weeks she'll be back on track with that.

The Kiddos and I have been hooked on a show called "Cake Boss".

Grandpa Joe has been playing baseball with the boys. He is teaching them how to catch and hit.

Joshua is still at his aunties house and continues to get most of his subjects done.

Lance loves Lemon Cake. A friend from church gave us one and I was surprised at how much all the children enjoyed it. Guess I need to make one.

All the children continue to listen to audio books during bed and nap time. They love them.

The weather has been so beautiful. Not to hot or cold but just right. The kiddos are enjoying it.

Guess that's all for today!

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