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22 Days After Oral Surgery

Well I was hoping my blending days were over. I had a soup with chicken chunks, dumplings, and corn, so I had to blend it. I can't chew right and I don't think the chicken was soft enough for me to eat anyway.

I started taking 4 vitamins, Tre-EN-En Grain Concentrates, Carotenoid Compmlex, Omega-III Salmon Oil Plus and Essential Vitamin and Mineral Complex. Hopefully this will help with a speedy recover.

Since it was warm and I had to blend it, I added some protein powder to it, so that was a good thing. I haven't been adding the protein powder to my unblended food because the powder doesn't all dissolve and it's lumpy.

Still extra oily face, numb chin and bottom lip. I'm eating all my meals with a spoon now. I can lick my top lip. When eating I am constantly wiping my lips with a napkin. I won't be eating out in public for a while. I still use a mirror to make sure I get the food in my mouth and I'm not dripping any of it.

My bottom lip feels so chapped but it's not. I think it's part of the numbness.


  1. Still praying for you as you heal! What a trooper you are...hang in there!


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