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A Few Sickies & Rambling

I have a few sickies today. Annette slept most of the day. She did go to church to see Ms. Nan about a sewing project and then to Walmart with her Auntie. She needs some material. Once home she went back to bed. Her head hurts and she's tuckered.

Brent, is feeling nauseated and his head hurts as well. He's thrown up a few times. I just made him some mint tea, hopefully that will help. I'll stay up with him until he falls asleep.

I was tired today as well but I did stay up printing and cutting some school stuff for Ethan and Lance. I did sleep in though.

I made Lupe some chocolate chip cookies and I let one melt in my mouth =)

It's nice having Josh back. He's a big help to me.

Other than math we are taking the week off. I'm tired of always trying to get it all done. Especially during the holidays. I am doing some fun school with Lance and Ethan. I purchased a few Ready2Read from The Moffatt Girls Blog.

I purchased Level 1 Unit 2 for Lance. He will practice the 'ig' and 'ip' family as well as learning some sight words. I was impressed with his reading of the 'ig' family today. He didn't have to sound out any of the words. I plan to excelerate Lance through the levels. If I have to stop using Little Hearts to concentrate on his reading then I will.

With Ethan I purchased Level 3 Unit 1. There are suppose to be 10 Units but only four are up right now, so I don't think he'll finish them but at least he'll have fun with the four units. Like Lance, it's a bit easy but he is learning how to spell the sight words and gaining fluency. It's a fun way for him to learn. He really enjoyed today's work. I'll have to blog more about it later.

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