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My Lance broke out in hives today again, poor guy! Thankfully it's not an everyday thing but it's at least a monthly thing.

His lip started on one side. He put his hand under his neck so I wouldn't get any of his cute body ;)
 Later both lips were puffy.
 This is actually not as bad as he normally gets. 
Sorry for all you who don't like to see bumps. I know my sister Cynce, can't stand seeing bumpy stuff.

 Eating two bananas at once brought a smile to his face. Yay!


  1. oh no! How horrible...this happened to Adam only a few times, once in NJ, but that was because we had poison ivy in our yard and I didn't know.

    The second time it was his nerves, and the third time I bought a huge bag of pistachios and since he ate it the first day and was fine with it, I didn't think anything of it. Well the second day he broke out in horrible hives, much like your little ones...found out later that sometimes the body will tolerate the invasion of the allergy culprit the first day, but the second day the full blown allergy is in effect...:(

    Hope your little guy gets better really soon, and I hope you find out what causes this...feel better Lance...

  2. Yes Lou, it gave me chills. I scrolled real quick. LOL!

    I hope they go away quick and Lance feels better

    I think I'll try the double-banana thing. :)

  3. Poor Lance! Hope he's better soon. I wonder why he gets hives so frequently.

    Lance is so cute though...love the picture of him with the bananas!


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