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HOD~Creation to Christ Unit 4 Poetry

The boys and I had fun making this weeks poetry~art. This year we are working with watercolors.

This weeks poetry quote:
I often see flowers from a passing car
That are gone before I can tell what they are
I want to get out of the train and go back
To see what they were beside the track
~Robert Frost

Now silly me didn't make the connection with what we were going to paint. First of all in the Guide it said to use the brown paint to make smudges to be weeds along the blue skyline, I was like, how do I make smudges. I had no idea. So we smudged away as best we could.

Then we were to smudge the green paint in horizontal motions, and again I was like, what? Again, we did the best we could.

On the bottom of our painting we had to use toothpicks to make blades of grass. We tried it but in the end we used the tips of our smallest brush.

Lastly we were to use our toothpicks to paint small flowers but again we used our brushes (we did try with the toothpicks though).

When we finished I told the boys that I don't see the weed, they don't look like weeds to me. Then Brent said, "Mom, the boy is seeing the weeds while riding in a train, so they look like smudges", oh, I get it. Light bulb moment. After that I better appreciated our paintings.

Here is my painting. If I would have made the 'riding in a train' connection I would have made the weeds a bit different. Now I'll know for next time. I have to more students who will use CtC.
 I liked my grass and flowers, although they look more like bushes or something.
 Caleb with his painting.

 Brent with his.


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