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Midyear changes

I aboslutely miss writing all about our homeschool. With so much going on right now I've been in another blogging slump. Seems to be happening a lot lately but I do love blogging and will continue on ;)

There are a few changes I'm making this year. I really, really, try not to change curricula. I've learned to finally just use what I bought. Every year for the past four years I have been doing better. Look at Joshua, he's using the same curricula for two years now! And last year with Annette using America the Beautiful, she used it all year. Yay.

I know I did make the big switch from WinterPromise to Heart of Dakota but it was a good thing.

Okay, enough about previous years. Homeschooling6 is going on its 11th week and here are the changes.

Joshua~adding Spelling Power and Wordsmith. Believe it or not I purchased Spelling Power 6 years ago but was a bit overwhelmed. Hopefully with the quick start DVD and all it will go better this time around. I might use it with my two middle boys but will wait and see. Bob Jones has a writing program but you know, worried mom syndrome and all. Wordsmith seems doable.

Annette~my girl has been using Rod and Staff English for six weeks and can't find her groove with it. I would love for her to continue with it but she is switching to Analytical Grammar. She actually completed AG last year but she's not applying what she learned. I'm going to have her use it again (per her request) and then once she is done I'll have her use the reinforcement books.

Caleb and Brent~so far so good. No changes...yet ;) I did add Rod and Staff Spelling. I chose Rod and Staff because of the spelling rules. I think my boys still need to hear them again and again and hopefully it will carry over to their reading. When Spelling Power gets here, I'll look it over to see if any rules are introduced and maybe when the complete R&S they can switch. But who knows, I might have them continue with R&S Spelling. Time will tell.

Ethan~I switched his grammar from Standard Based Grammar to Rod and Staff. I'll use Standard Based Grammar as a supplement when needed.

Lance~nothing yet. I have added things but not really dropped stuff.

With my two younger ones it seems as if I have all kinds of phonics stuff going but I like to pick and choose. Right now they both are using Horizons and Phonics Pathways.

Well that's the midyear changes for now.


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