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More Bands

I went to my orthodontist yesterday and the doctor who hasn't seen me since before my surgery was really happy with my surgery results. He said he could really see the difference. With all the swelling and such I haven't seen what he did but he's the expert.

Now I'm wearing two bands on each side and the one the oral surgeon would like me to wear. I'm wearing Impalas and Bears ;) and see that nifty tool? My orthodontist has been so kind as to let me borrow it. It's been a lifesaver for me. The bands that my oral surgeon gave me are 1/8 of an inch. Very small, and very hard to get in. One needs tweezers but when I went in for help a week after my surgery they felt sorry for me and let me take home the nice instrument. All I can say is a big THANK YOU!!!
 I have to stretch this band, again I'm so thankful for the nifty tool they let me use. I have a lot of cheek so close to my teeth from the swelling. It makes it hard to put bands on.

I'm still numb and swollen. I still sleep with two pillows under my head and wake with a stuffy nose. I'm doing better but not much has changed. I am trying to eat things like soft chicken, or would you say moist chicken? Anyway I'm still afraid of biting myself. When I do try to chew I can feel my canine tooth on my right side hit my bottom lip and I don't like the feeling, so I end up just smooshing my food while I make a chew-like motion.

Hopefully once the swelling goes down I will be able to chew better.


  1. Hi Linda, my daughter got her first bands yesterday too. Hers were seals. LOL!

    She had a lot of difficulty putting them on herself because of her fake nails. They did come with a little tool, but we may have to invest in something that will help her get faster at it. She actually swallowed one of her bands.

    Hope your swelling continues to go down and that you numbness goes away completely.


  2. That was nice of your orthodontist. We got cut off the other day that I didn't get a chance to ask how you were doing. We are still praying for complete healing.


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