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My First Year on the Crew {2012}


I've had such an amazing year being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Not only was it fun to review so many wonderful items but the Crew members are an awesome bunch of people. I loved getting to know them.

I can't believe I posted my last review for the year. I completed 39 reviews and had the privilege of having my WriteShop review in The Old Schoolhouse digital magazine in August. I have to admit I was one excited mama!

Look inside >
Product Reviews

I had about five of my reviews quoted. You know each time one is quoted, it's a real honor to see that. To know the vendor really liked what I had to say. Truth be told I was more than excited I was like 'wow'. I'm a pretty behind the scenes kind of person, so it was neat to see my words quoted now-and-then.

One can't use every, single, review item but there are a few that we've continued with like Math Essentials. I have two kiddos using it. Annette, completed Write with World. Caleb use Mathematical Reasoning as his review math. In fact I purchased a book for Lance too. Joshua will use Keyboarding for the Christian School next semester. MapTrek's Hardbound Book with the cd-rom will be used for years to come.

My kids absolutely loved A Cry From Egypt and are not so patient with waiting for the next book in the series to come out. All my children love, love, love the Sugar Creek Gang Cds. The children have asked when we will start Family Time Fitness again and Josh is using the High School Strength Training. And that's just naming some of what we continue to use. There are others that won't be used right now but in the future.

Like I said, being on the Crew has been a HUGE blessing and I thank the Lord for this opportunity. Thank you Jesse @ Orange Marmalade Mama for letting me know that the Schoolhouse Review Crew was 'hiring' and recommended me, and Kate @ Under the Sky for giving me a chance as well as the rest of the Crew Leaders.

I'm so looking forward to another year of reviewing. You all will just have to see what's in store for the 2013 year. There are a lot of neat and exciting vendors. I can't wait!!!

Here are my 2012 reviews just in case you all need something to read ;)

April 2012
  1. Write with WORLD (completed 4/6/12)
  2. God's Great Covenant (completed 4/16/12)
  3. Amazing Science DVD (completed 4/18/12)
  4. Critical Thinking Co. Mathematical Reasoning Level F (completed 4/21/12)
May 2012
  1. Homeschool Library Builder (completed 5/2)
  2. Judah Bible Curriculum (completed 5/9)
  3. Go Science DVD Series (completed 5/11)
  4. CapJaxMathFax (completed 5/14)
  5. WriteShop Level D (completed 5/16)
June 2012
  1. enVisionMath~Grade 4 (completed 6/11)
July 2012 (coming soon)
  1. 7th Grade Lightning Literature (completed 7/6)
  2. Professor B Math (completed 7/9)
  3. Apologia~Who is My Neighbor (completed 7/11)
  4. Keyboarding for the Christian School (completed 7/13)
  5. Knowledge Quest~MapTrek Hardback book + CD-Rom Set (7/16)
  6. HearBuilder Auditory Memory Home Edition (7/19)
  7. Math Essentials (completed 7/23)
August 2012 (coming soon)
  1. Create Better Writers (completed 8/1)
  2. King Alfred's English (completed 8/3)
  3. Math Made Easy (completed 8/6)
  4. Apologia~I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist (completed 8/15)
  5. Christian Liberty~Mr. Pipes and the British Hymn Makers PDF (8/17)
  6. Time4Writing~Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics (completed 8/20)~{update added 9/10/12}
  7. Golden Prairie Press~Heroines of the Past Bible Study (completed 8/24)
  8. The Reading Kingdom (completed 8/31)
  9. Everyday Homemaking Chore System (Molly Crew Review)~(completed 8/30)
September 2012
  1. Speekee (completed 9/7)
  2. Marshall Publishing~A Decade of Progress (completed 9/10)
  3. Family Time Fitness (completed 9/12)
  4. Homeschool Legacy~Forest for the Trees (completed 9/19) 
  5. Raising Real Men~A Cry From Egypt (completed 9/17)
  6. Box of Ideas~WWII Pearl Harbor (completed 9/28)
October 2012
  1. Beeyoutiful Skin Care Set (completed 10/1)
  2. Zoo Whiz (completed 10/3)
  3. Crossbow Education~Reading Rulers (completed 10/20)
  4. Abingdon Press~Deep Blue Kids Bible (completed 10/17)
  5. Beloved Books~Sugar Creek Gang (completed 10/24)
November 2012
  1. Growing Up Wild (completed 11/9)
  2. Vocal Coach (completed 11/11)


  1. Congrats on your well deserved recognition.

  2. Wow Linda, that's a LOT of reviews!! That's awesome. Wish I could write that many in a year. :)

  3. You did an awesome job, Linda!!!

  4. Thank you ladies. I really enjoyed 2012. Hope my post didn't come across as being boastful, it's another memory I'd like to record. there are so many memories that would be lost if I didn't write/blog about it.

  5. You did such a great job, mama! i am going to miss being on the Crew with you this year, but I am looking foward to seeing what kind of cool stuff you get to review! Maybe we'll be back on ship again in 2014!

  6. It has been a HUGE blessing to have you in the Crew and I am so glad you will be joining us for 2013!!


  7. Jesse, I'm going to miss you on the Crew so much! I already do. I sure hope to see you back in 2014. I know you do have a lot on your plate right now. I look forward to some updates on your blog (hint,hint) ;)

    Hi, Kate, thank you, I can't wait to get started on those reviews again ;)and thank you for all the hard work you do. You amaze me with all you do, being a wife, mama, Crew leader and homeschooling, the list goes on.=)


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