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Res. to Ref. Annette {Unit 5)

Annette is on Unit 6 of Res. to Ref. but also playing a little catch-up as well with Unit 5. Today she did Science Exploration from Unit 5. She is really enjoying learning about Creation with Astronomy. In fact she has taken an interest in the moon phase and goes out almost every night to check on the moon!

Today she the earth using an M&M for the core and other ingridents to make up parts of the earth's layers. It was very sweet and tasty. She was so kind to double the recipe and let her 4yr. old cousin and Lance help.

 The finished earths =)
 The ones in front (below) she cut open so you can see all the layers.
 And everyone helped to eat them.
 If you noticed in the picture above, Ethan, is not there, he was busy writing sentences.
 Ethan was ready to throw a project that he made in 'Beyond' school away but wanted to take a picture first.


  1. the earth looks yummy:)
    I am amazed at how you juggle different age levels, programs, and projects in your homeschool.

  2. Love the pics of the goodies!!! :)

    Your homeschool looks so fun!


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