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Schoolhouse Review: Grace & Truth Books

If you read my blog regularly then you know how much I love books that teach character. The Bible is the first book I go too but I also use lots of books. In the past 10 years of homeschooling I have read hundreds of books to my children. I can see how reading aloud to them and discussing the characters has helped shape and mold my children with who they are today. Many times my children will refer to the Bible or a book we read (or listened to) and talk about how the character or an event helped them to make a decision.

Just the other day as Annette was orally narrating to me (which she did quiet well) she mentioned that she had read a book about someone who would think before they spoke. When she was pausing between sentences she was thinking and trying to get her words in order. This book she read was from a year ago but she remembered and took from it what she needed to give a good oral narration.

I too have learned many lessons from reading great books through the years. The books that I read to my children have grown-ups in them too (smile). Many times I want the character and virtues that they have. I see what is lacking in me and am thankful to my Lord for showing me at times through a book. I truly believe I'm a better wife and mama because I read about missionaries who sacrifice so much to spread God's Word or a mother who speaks godly wisdom to her children. I catch these and learn from them and hopefully become a better person in Christ.

At Grace and Truth Books I was blessed to review not one but two books from their Character Building CollectionThe Reward of Childhood Truth and The Little Medicine Carrier. Both books cost $4.75 and the recommended age is for children 8-12. These books are filled with Christ-Centered content.

The Little Medicine Carrier was a delight to read and I absolutely loved all the learning and reinforcing what my husband and I teach our children with regards to Character and their name. One of the many things that we want our children to learn is 'what's in a name'. For years I have told them that they need to keep their names clean. When someone thinks of Brent, we want them to think of someone who is kind, loving, honest, humble, hard working, generous, etc.

The Little Medicine Carrier is about an almost eleven year old boy named George Wayland. He wants to help his mama with earning his keep and finds a job working for a doctor. His job is to deliver medicine to patients.

George's Sunday School teacher gives him sage advice on temptations he might have. She reminds him that now his time is not his own. When he is working for the doctor he cannot waste that time. He is tested a few times with this temptation. For instance one time he was delivering medicine to a family who had a very sick daughter by the name of Miss Beatrice. She was a few years older than George, they became friends and enjoyed each others company. During one visit while delivering medicine, Miss Beatrice said he could take a book on birds downstairs and look at the pictures. He was about to reach for the book when he remembered his time was not his own. He kindly declined. When he reached the Dr. Bertram's house he was needed right away to deliver medicine and it was extremely important for the patient to receive it right away.

In The Little Medicine Carrier, there are many other temptations and lessons that George works through. I like how we were able to peek into George's mind and read about his thought process as he worked through each temptation.

Mrs. Wayland, George's mother is a wonderful example of a mother and I took away a few lessons from her. There are a few pages dedicated to us moms with regards to our tongue and how we speak to our children with verses included!

The second book I reviewed had two stories: The Reward of Childhood Truth and Little Mary's First and Last Falsehood. Both stories teach speaking the truth. They both bring out the children's feeling and how they yearn to do the right thing.

In the story, Little Mary's First and Last Falsehood  you can almost feel the emotion and heaviness of heart when she tells a lie and conceals if from her parents. Mary was sorry for her sin and often wept because she knew of her wrong doing. She tried to be as obedient as possible but there was no peace in her heart. The sin also came between her and her God. How could she pray and speak to him with the lie hanging over her.

The Character Building Collection books not only bring forth to our children how wrong it is to lie or give into temptations but also really teach that we must confess our sins to our Lord and Savior and truly ask for forgiveness as well as confess our faults to one another.

I read the books in place of our Story Time in our current homeschool program. The children really enjoyed the books and we had some good discussion about their 'names'. How we want Christ to shine through us. Less of us and more of Christ.

We talked how important it is to be honest and use our time wisely. Especially when we are working for someone else. We talked about good work ethic. This is something I believe is lacking in the children and youth of today. My husband and I work hard with instilling good work ethic in our children, so it was refreshing to have read about working hard in the books I reviewd.

As you can see it was a pleasure to review these books and I look forward to reading more titles from Grace and Truth Books.

Grace and Truth Books allowed the Schoolhouse Review Crew to review different books. To read more reviews please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew website.

**Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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  1. Great review. Sounds like every home or library should have a few (or many) Grace & Truth books. They even sound interesting enough for me to read. :)


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