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Schoolhouse Review: Growing Up Wild

Growing Up Wild, now what is that? The name peeked my interest too, especially since I have four 'wild' boys myself. By wild I mean boys who like to build fires, camp in the yard, climb trees, play in the mud, and run barefoot in the yard.

The Wild family are missionaries in the remote jungles of Papua Indonesia. Growing Up Wild, is a collection of DVDs. In each episode the Wild family shares a bit of their lives as missionaries, starring.....Morgan, Hudson, Kian, Asher, and Mom and Dad (Libby and Mike)
Growing Up Wild gave us not one, but two DVDs to review!!! I thought that was very generous of them. We received Growing Up Wild Volume 1
*Homes Sweet Hut
*Supply Trip
*Sun and Water

*Amazing World Around Us
*Adventures in Culture
*Tribal Calling
Both DVDs have 3 episodes that are about 15 minutes long, so roughly about 45 minutes per DVD. At the end of each episode are activity suggestions for you to do. There is also a separate disc to print out a study guide. The guide has activities, Bible verses, and at least one worksheet to really flesh out the DVD. Some of the activities have the children learning about science, relate (similarities/differences with how the Wild family lives) , create, culture and worldviews.  You are encouraged not to feel boxed in with the suggested activities but tweak and make it your own.

Creating a Wano house was a favorite activity for our family. My boys love to build things, so some of them went outside to build their Wano house (unfortunately the neighborhood children destroyed it before I was able to take a picture).
Ethan and I built a small one together.
He decided to add some items that the Wano people do not use. He was having so much fun decorating, I didn't have the heart to tell him not to put it in. I did mention that the Wano people probably don't use goblets.

One activity is to have the children keep track of how much groceries we buy as a family, because this is what the Wild family has to do. When they take a two week trip to gather supplies they need to know how much flour, sugar, Oatmeal, and such they need to stock up.

Other activities have the children researching and finding out how we get electricity and water, difference in culture and worldviews to name a few.

There are enough ideas and activities to use over the summer (if using more than one DVD), or take a break from your regular history studies, or make Friday your Wild School Day. There are Bible verses one can use as copywork and memorization.
You can get creative too and add your own copywork, lapbooks, and maps.

What did I think of Growing Up Wild? My husband was a missionary child. We have family and friends that are missionaries as well. From the very beginning of our homeschool journey I'v read about missionaries, so this was something I wanted to review. Through the years I have read many missionary books to the children, I thought this would be a great way to 'show' them an actual family living as missionaries. Giving up so much to preach the gospel to the Wano people. My thoughts, the Wild family came up with a wonderful idea to make DVDs for us to learn and understand more about missionary life.

What did the children think? They were really excited to watch the Wild brothers. In fact Lance, wants us to move to the remote jungles and be neighbors with the Wild family. 
In volume 4 there is an episode with two of the Wild brothers getting their nose pierced, my boys thought it was neat. There is no blood or gore. We were actually amazed that one can stick a pointy, toothpick, like stick through the nose and it not bleed.

You can also find the Wild family on Facebook and Twitter.
Currently there are 5 DVDs. To save 15% you can purchase all five for $80.99 or individually for $18.99 at the Wild Brother Store.

To read more reviews please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew website. 

**Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received these products, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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